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Town Piešťany
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Town Piešťany

The first chronicle of Piešťany dates back to 1113 and the status of the spa increased as time went on, boosted in the 19th century thanks to the high standard of spa care. In the second half of the 20th century, the number of the town’s inhabitants doubled to the current 30,000 due to its industrial growth.

At present, Piešťany is the most famous spa town in Slovakia and an international centre for the treatment of rheumatic disorders, as well as a crucial regional centre for culture, sports, and recreation. The second largest river in Slovakia – the Váh – flows through the town. The climate in Piešťany is typical for lowlands, warm and dry, and the area of the town has the highest number of sunny days per year in all of Slovakia. Piešťany lies 80 km from Bratislava, 150 km from Vienna, and the town is easily accessible by road and train. The local airport is able to accommodate smaller aircraft.

Throughout the year, the town hosts a variety of events, famous throughout Slovakia and around the world, such as the Opening of the Spa Season at the beginning of June, Jazz Days in July, Flower Parade at the end of summer, Truck Country Show, Country Lodenica music festival, Aviation Days, Cinematik Film Festival in September, and many others. Along with cultural events, Piešťany also offers numerous sports opportunities. In the town, you can find a golf course, tennis courts, squash centre, horseback riding school, water cable skiing, a small marina, and a number of cycling and hiking routes can be found in the area around the town.


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