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Sport & relaxation
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Sport & relaxation

Thanks to its location and unique sports infrastructure, Piešťany is a paradise for active people. Water sports, swimming, tennis, squash, horse-riding, touring and hiking, bike tourism, parachute jumps, skydiving – these are only part of activities that you can find here.

Danubius Premier Fitness are fully equipped fitness centers with sauna and pool. Our multilingual trainers are on hand to give advice about the latest fitness trends and assist in devising your individual fitness program. More information >>>

The golf area is situated in the northern part of Spa Island. Besides a 9-hole golf course, the clubhouse, coffeehouse and golf shop are also located there.  More information >>>

Piešťany is also well known for its tennis tradition. Directly on Spa Island in the area of the swimming pool Eva, guests and town visitors can use two tennis courts, which are open seasonally. The courts feature a quality clay surface and are available for spa guests. We are able to provide a professional trainer or partner on request; tennis classes for beginners are also available if requested.

Tennis lovers are also welcome at the Tennis Club Piešťany Spa, featuring 13 open courts (11 with a clay surface, 2 concrete) and two children’s courts. Apart from outdoor courts, tennis players can also use two indoor courts with artificial surfaces open year-round. For practice, four training walls are also available. The Tennis Club is situated in the town park close to Spa Hotel Park, and offers a full range of services, including sport equipment, experienced trainers and partners.
Tennis courts are not only available for individual guests and Piešťany visitors; they can be used for organizing high-quality tennis tournaments and additional rehabilitation services for participants.

Water sports
The River Váh and Lake Sĺňava are ideal for water sports, canoeing, yachting, sailing, boating.
The water reservoir Lake Sĺňava covers an area of 4.3 km2, and is situated between the town of Piešťany and the village Drahovce.

As the name indicates, it is grateful because of the high number of sunny days in a year. You can find a water ski lift, boathouse on the pond or reservoir, and camping is also nearby. A 12-km asphalt route is located along the dam for pedestrians and cyclists (you can cross over on wood planks from May to September, Monday-Friday from 15:00, and at the weekends between 10:00 and 20:00).
For sightseeing cruises at Sĺňava, you can start at the boat Xénia, anchored at the Colonnaded Bridge in Piešťany.
Part of the dam is an artificially-constructed bird’s island, protected by a nature reserve and listed by UNESCO. Rare types of birds also visit and nest there, such as the grey gull.

A dead arm of the River Váh behind Spa Island is a fisherman's paradise, consisting of Ratnovská zátoka (cove), Horná Streda, Drahovské jazerá (lakes) and the water pond Čerenec.
You can get a tourist angling permit in the store along with fishing and tourist equipment,
Slávia Centre, Rázusova Street 7, telephone 033/772 91 55
You can enjoy the possibility of catching fish like trout or carp directly in the fishpond –Peter Restaurant in Bašovce offers dishes caught there (telephone 033/774 68 36).
 (Ranch) Ranč pod Babicou, situated about 20 km from Piešťany towards Topoľčany in the village of Bojná, offers the same possibility. .

Water skiing
Close to Piešťany (approximately 2 km) in Ratnovská zátoka (cove) at Lake Sĺňava, is situated a specially-equipped area with a towage lift for water skiing, which is in operation daily between 10:00 - 18:00 during the summer months of July and August. Waterskiing, kneeboard rental, and neoprene and beach volleyball rentals are available there.
The mall area of water sports, Ratnovská zátoka (cove), tel. 0905 753 236.

Tandem parachute jumping
At the airport in the village of Slavnica (near Trencin), you can try tandem parachute jumping with an experienced instructor from a height of 4,000 m. Free falls last about 50 seconds, and you can reach speeds of up to 200 km/hour.
More info -, +421 903 473 259

Four modern air-conditioned courts, sauna, bar, and the option of renting the complete gear and equipment, from racket and ball to special indoor shoes and a towel.
The Squash Club at Hlboká street is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. Telephone 033/771 87 64

Hiking and walking
Favourite sports activities in the region are hiking and walking. Choose and follow the marked hiking trails to Červená veža (Red Tower), Bacchus Villa. The most beautiful place in Považský Inovec is Bezovec (743 m). A tourist sports centre has been built under its peak, providing excellent conditions in summer for hiking and touring, and for downhill and cross-country skiing in wintertime.
More demanding recommended and popular hiking and walking routes in Piešťany and its close environs:

  • Piešťany - Moravany nad Váhom - Striebornica - Čertova pec - Plešiny - Piešťany - 7 hours
  • Piešťany - Villa Bakchus - Saddleback Havran - Plešiny - Piešťany - 4 hours
  • Piešťany – walking alongside the dam - Lúka - Tematín – Chalet Bezovec - 6 hours

Bicycle tourism
Piešťany is also interesting for bicycle tourism. Along the Váh arterial road, you  can reach the nearest neighbouring towns: south to Hlohovec, and north to Nové Mesto nad Váhom. You can also use mountain bikes in the forest terrain of Považský Inovec. Bike rental is possible directly in the hotel.

Winter stadium
Winter Stadium offers an ice surface, which is available for ice skating for the public. Winter Stadium is situated in the sports zone of Piešťany, near the squash club and multi-purpose sport hall.
Winter Stadium, tel. 033/762 31 50

Bezovec Ski Centre offers 5 ski tows and downhill tracks with lengths from 300 to 600 metres. The resort now produces artificial snow, and there is also evening skiing. Fans and lovers of skiing can find all the conditions for waterskiing in Piešťany at Lake Sĺňava in Ratnovská zátoka (cove) in the summertime, just a short hop from Spa Island.
Ski – Bezovec,,

Bowling is a game where you can get many different feelings – from a good physical workout, which everyone needs, to enjoyment with your friends during the game. It is very good for relaxing after work and after medical treatment at the Spa. The Centre has 8 lanes made by Brunswick – USA, the world-famous bowling company.

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