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The golf course in Piešťany is located on the north end of Spa Island (Vrbinky area). Our 9-hole course offers everything a golfer could ask for – club house, stylish café with a restaurant, two Full Swing golf simulators an extensive golf shop, putting and chipping area, a driving range and a catering tent for social events. Tennis players have an opportunity to play on the high-quality clay tennis court.

History of golf in Piešťany

In 1913, a golf club was founded in Piešťany, and between 1913 and 1914 a golf course was built on Spa Island. It was one of the first golf clubs in the territory of Slovakia. On the occasion of the festive opening of the golf course, Ľudovít and Imrich Winter organised an “Aeroplane Day”. It took place on Sunday, 26 July 1914. On 28 July 1914, news came to Piešťany about the war, which froze the pre-war development of the spa as well as the development of golf in Piešťany.
After the end of WWI and the settling of the state, political and, to a certain degree, the economic situation in Slovakia, visitors gradually started to return in increasing numbers to Piešťany. In order to help with spa development and to occupy the free time of spa guests, the Golf Club of Piešťany renewed its activities.
The period between two wars was a golden era for the development of golf in Piešťany. A significant amount of funding was necessary to build or reconstruct the golf course after 1918. The Winter family managed to obtain funds from the wealthier individuals and companies of the time. The golf course in Piešťany had nine holes; its total length was 2,652 metres, with 37 strokes for one round (par).
The Golf Club of Piešťany even had its own badge made. It had the form of a double-tip flag divided by two horizontal stripes. The Honorary Chairman of the club was Count Viliam Erdödy, the owner of Piešťany Spa, its President was the District Mayor, Vojtech Skyčák, and Vice-Chairman was Imrich Winter, who was also the initiator and the main spirit of the club. At the same time, he represented the spa management in the club. The photo album of the club was dedicated to the father of the Piešťany Golf Club, Imrich Winter, who gave it to the Museum of Piešťany, where it is archived.
At that time, several golf competitions a year took place in Piešťany. The golf season opened with the Piešťany Spring Cup (the end of May), while the International Summer Competition for New York Herald Cup took place in mid-July (at the peak of the summer spa season). In addition, the Slovak Championship was organised here as well with handicapped players (players competed among themselves based on the handicaps of individual players – i.e. by balancing their handicaps so that even a beginner player with a high handicap could win over a better player with a lower handicap). Other competitions were the Erdödy Challenge Cup and the Ján Masaryk Cup.
The golf course ceased to exist due to the outbreak of WWII, and later events in February of 1948.
After 1989, the golf tradition in Piešťany was re-established. In 1992, the Golf Club Piešťany was founded as a civic association. The club, however, did not have a course. In 1995, the International Golf Club Slovakia was also established as a civic association. In 1996-1997, the founding members of the club prepared for the construction of a golf resort near Piešťany, in the official territory of the villages of Horná Streda, Lúka and Brunovce, with an area of around 100 hectares. This project, however, did not turn out to be successful.
A new golf course, built directly in Piešťany, is situated in the northern part of Spa Island. It was ceremoniously opened on 21 July 2004. It has nine holes with the length of 2,055 metres, and is a par 33 course. The course has all the necessary services for club members – the clubhouse Vrbinky, beautiful surroundings, well-tended greens and fairways.
The golf course of Piešťany has even hosted the Presidential Tournament. It has been a competition venue during the Artfilm Festival, and various diplomatic as well as charity competitions have taken place here.

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