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Health Spa Piešťany – it has belonged among the leading spas for more than 100 years due to its treatment of back pain, arthritis, rheumatic disorders and fibromyalgia

Its well-known curative mud relieves pain immediately – with the healing power of sulphur and modern medicine

The sulphur shows an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves pain. The sulphur also helps the body to regenerate destroyed cells and repair damaged tissue structures permanently. This will accelerate the treatment of the locomotor system.


The 69°C warm, highly mineralized sulphur curative water rises in a unique healing spring area under the Health Spa Piešťany at the depth of 2,000 m and serves as the basis for our sulphuric curative mud. These Health and Spa Resorts situated on the idyllic Spa Island offer comfort & luxury in every price category.

Explore Piešťany

What makes modern spa treatments in Piešťany spas so unique?

The Piešťany Health Spas were mentioned for the first time in writing in 1113. In the Napoleonic era, the curative springs were considered as a miraculous means to cure injured soldiers.For more than 100 years Piešťany has been the most important and successful rheumatic healing spa in Europe.

  • A globally unique curative mud

A unique sulphuric curative mud has an anti-inflammatory effect and the highly mineralized water has a soothing effect on the joints and locomotor system. Finally pain-free again!

  • A smart combination of spa procedures and therapy

Spa procedures with the curative mud achieve better results in combination with therapeutic treatment, such as hydrotherapy and rehabilitation. Get healthy here!

  • No. 1 in rheumatic disorder treatment

The efficacy of individual procedures is based on over 40 years of therapeutic experience. Benefit from this unique competence of our professional medical staff. Our competence in the rheumatic area is unique worldwide!

  • Highly effective treatment methods

Restart yourself in everyday life! Because our treatments relieve and eliminate rheumatic pain, arthrosis and sports injuries and improve your quality of life. Sleep all night and wake up rested!

Health & Spa offers in Piešťany

„Healthy in Piešťany"

EUR 243.00
Person/4 nights
An enjoyable spa stay based on the Taste of Piešťany package. 1 night free with min. stay for 4 nights.

Traditional Spa Stay

EUR 420.00
Person/ 7 nights
YEAR ROUND DISCOUNT! Accommodation, full board, doctor examinations, medical report at the end of stay, laboratory tests, up to 24 treatments per week based on doctor’s prescription.

Forever Young Week

EUR 308.00
Person/ 7 nights

7 nights with half board, doctor's examinations, ECG test and up to 12 treatments per week based on doctor’s prescription.

Our medical packages include:

  • Overnight stay with full board
  • Medical examination: Diagnosis and prescription of a therapeutic program individualized for your needs
  • 18-24 procedures per week with hydrotherapies, massages, mud wraps, mineral baths and many more.


Price list and information on reimbursement:

What is the course of a spa stay in Piešťany?

With our spa packages, we offer professional medical advice and individual treatment programs for our guests.

  1. Procedures in our health spas take advantage of the beneficial effect of the natural sulphur curative springs in Piešťany.
  2. Upon arrival, you will consult your current health status, problems and therapeutic requirements with an experienced specialized doctor.
  3. The doctor will then prescribe an individual therapeutic program tailored to your specific needs.
  4. In addition to our spa procedures, we offer numerous relaxation and wellness procedures.
  5. For longer spa stays, our doctors will perform a professional medical final examination and advise you on an optimal future lifestyle.


Fig. 1: Local mud wrap
Fig. 2: Individual spa treatments

Our satisfied patients say the following on Health Spa Piešťany.

How do Health & Spa Resorts in Piešťany contribute to an ideal therapeutic effect?

  • A unique relaxing location

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the idyllic Spa Island Piešťany. The Health Spa with Spa Park is only 2 hours away from Vienna and 1 hour from Bratislava.

  • Wellness & Spa

As an add-on to our spa offer, our Health & Spa Resorts offer a wide spectrum of wellness options: the sauna world, steam baths and thermal pools will help you forget about everyday stress and bring your body and soul to a deserved peace.

  • A healthy culinary experience full of pleasure

Healthy Choice means high-quality meals in all of our spa hotels. Lots of fresh vegetables, salads and fruits are an integral part of our choice of meals. Our meals consist of high-quality raw materials and low-carbohydrate and low-fat ingredients. Therefore, they are easily digestible and have a small amount of calories.

  • Cultural and leisure offerings

The Spa Island together with the Spa Park and stylish cafés offer additional extensive cultural & sporting activities for our guests. Because a healthy mind is found in a healthy body. Whether you choose Nordic walking, golf or cultural offerings and classical concerts – everyone will find a suitable leisure time activity.

  • Top price / service ratio

From 2-star to 5-star luxury hotels: We offer only the best services and the most modern accommodation in every price category to our guests. Save money on your booking and take advantage of our hotel and therapeutic offerings. International awards and certificates confirm our effort to provide you with only the best services at an attractive price.


1. What treatment methods for rheumatic disorders are available in Health Spa Piešťany?

The unique natural curative springs have been helping our patients for centuries:

Hyperthermia therapy: mud wraps, mud baths, thermal bath – a mirror pool, thermal bath, medical gymnastics in the mud
Thermal therapy: paraffin wraps, parafango wraps, dry wraps, Priessnitz wraps
Hydrotherapy: underwater jet massage, Scottish douches, alternating foot bath
Traction: dry traction, underwater traction bath

Electrotherapy: galvanic bath, ultrasound treatment, TENS, magnetic field therapy, stimulation therapy with diadynamic current


2. Why is our sulphur curative mud so effective?

The sulphur curative mud promotes muscle and joint regeneration. At the same time, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves pain, thus rheumatic diseases, sports injuries and muscle fever heal more rapidly under the influence of sulphur.


3. What makes the curative mud in Piešťany so unique?

The sulphur curative spring in Piešťany lies 2,000 m below the Spa Island and is highly concentrated with 10 mg of sulphur/liter of mineral water. The temperature of the springs ranges from 67 to 69°C. The mineral water is hot, enriched with sulphate-hydrogen carbonate, calcium – sodium, and sulphur water. It is mainly used for baths but also for medicinal tinctures.

This sulphur curative water provides the basis for the creation of a unique curative mud that has been successfully used for rheumatic therapy for hundreds of years.

The curative mud has a positive effect on joint health at different levels:

  • It relieves pain
  • It prevents inflammation
  • It acts against swelling
  • It promotes cartilage formation or prevents cartilage degeneration
  • It promotes collagen production and is responsible for the rapid regeneration of the connective tissue
  • It is an antioxidant and neutralizes free radicals having an harmful impact on joint health


Thanks to these properties, the organic sulphur mud is interesting not only for rheumatic therapies and athletes but, of course, for all people struggling with joint problems.


4. How long do spa stays at the Health Spa Piešťany take?

It all depends on the amount of difficulties and development of the disease. The recommended length of stay is 2-3 weeks combined with 24 procedures per week.

The duration of one spa stay is at least 7 days.


5. Are treatments in Piešťany designed for athletes?

Yes. The properties of the curative mud are very effective even in sports injuries, but also in terms of the faster regeneration of the locomotor system.


6. How can I prevent rheumatic disorders?

The best prevention is beginning with a lot of movement even in childhood because movement strengthens muscles. Joint-loading sports as well as extreme sports are not recommend.


7. What are other rheumatic diseases?

Arthrosis: A disease of the articular cartilage as a result of improper or excessive loading.
Osteoporosis: Also known as bone loss. The skeleton loses stability and the risk of fractures increases.
Fibromyalgia: A special type of rheumatic disorder caused by painful muscle tightness. Symptoms of fibromyalgia include chronic pain of the muscles and tendons, increased sensitivity to pressure pain.
Rheumatoid arthritis: Pain in the fingers and wrists, joint stiffness, also deformities may develop later.
Ankylosing spondylitis: A chronic inflammatory rheumatic disorder mainly affecting the joints of the spine. It can lead to spine immobilization. The major symptom is a chronic, deeply-rooted backache.
Gout: A metabolic disorder caused by urate crystal deposition in the body leading to joint inflammation. Gout may be hereditary or acquired due to unhealthy lifestyle.


8. Who is more likely to be affected? Men or women?

Degenerative diseases can affect both women and men, with a slightly higher prevalence in women. Rheumatoid arthritis, which is the most severe inflammatory disease and causes joint deformity, affects women three times more often than men. By contrast, men suffer from inflammatory disease of the spine 10 times more often compared to women. The spine becomes hard and immobile.


9. Can proper nutrition help?

There is no rheumatic diet! Good experience has been found with observing a Mediterranean diet, i.e. a lot of fruit and vegetables and the preference of fish over meat. In addition, it is important to achieve or maintain optimal body weight to preserve the joints. Avoid the over-consumption of red meat, sugar and white flour!


10. When is a doctor’s visit recommended?

Basically, the following rule applies: A doctor’s visit is recommended if the joints are swollen for longer than 6 weeks and the morning stiffness lasts longer than 1 hour. The sooner the therapy starts, the better.


11. What are the possible causes of rheumatic disorders?

The causes of rheumatic disorders have not yet been fully understood. However, genetic predisposition plays an important role. What is certain is that smoking also contributes to the disease’s development.


12. How do rheumatic diseases affect the joints?

The disease is characterized by unpleasant pain in various parts of the body, especially in the joints of the fingers, toes and wrists. Degenerative changes begin with the articular cartilage, where water accumulates. The cartilage is not smooth any more and degenerates. The joint becomes significantly warmer, lighter and swollen. The disorder is characterized by the wear of the cartilage, which loses its natural cushion function, and friction between the bones occurs. A heavy load causes the inflammation of structures surrounding the joint. Severe pain occurs and mobility and joint function are reduced.

Test your rheumatic disorder

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