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Natural resources
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Natural resources

Piešťany Spa owes its reputation mainly to the unique natural springs of thermal mineral water, which rises from a depth of over 2,000 metres. These springs bring to our water many specific chemical compounds and energy from the depths of the earth.

This water is the main factor in the formation of our incomparable curative healing sulphur mud. It is a uniquely peculiar peloid, which is the result of long-term chemical reactions of thermal water with local soft rocks and specific bacterial microflora.

Thermal mineral water 

The unique thermal water rises from ten springs through breaks in tectonic plates from a depth of approximately 2,000 metres. It contains 1,500 mg of mineral elements per litre of water, and is trapped at a depth of 60 m, which guarantees a constant chemical composition and temperature. The water temperature of the 10 springs at the surface is between 67 - 69°C, and it is used for bathing and cures through drinking.

The most important component for the treatment of diseases of the locomotive apparatus is the high sulphur content (from 6 to 10 mg per litre), which occurs in the water in various forms and chemical compounds (sulphates, sulphites, sulphides). Even the high content of hydrogen sulphide is important – 4.7 mg per litre on average. The most important component in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system is the high content of sulphur in the healing water (between 6 -10 mg / l); the sulphur takes on many forms and comes in various chemical substances (sulphates, sulphites, and sulphides). The high content of hydrogen sulphide - 4.7 mg per litre of water on average - is also an important factor. The thermal mineral water has mechanical effects and causes hydrostatic pressure and a lifting force, thus making movement easier thanks to the diminished effects of gravity; at the same time, it improves blood and lymph circulation. Water pressure functions as a bandage and makes exercising and movement in water easier. One of the important physical effects of thermal mineral water is the hyperthermic reaction of the body. The nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and immune systems are involved in this reaction. Apart from its physical effects, the chemical effects of the sulphuric water are important as well. During and after a bath (since sulphur creates deposits in human skin), sulphuric substances penetrate through skin into tissues deeper in the body, especially in the form of chondroitin sulphate, and suppress the activity of hyaluronidase, heightening the concentration of hyaluronic acid in serum. Sulphur also provides pronounced keratolytic, keratoplastic, vasodilating and antiseptic effects, which are used to significant effect in the treatment of a select group of skin disorders.

Sulphur mud 

Spa Piešťany's sulphur mud is a unique peloid. Its base is a homogenised sediment that precipitates in a branch of the River Váh, on the site of the current sulphuric thermal mineral water spring.

It is prepared for balneological application using original technology, causing it to mature and regenerate, and is accompanied by a multitude of chemical and biological reactions. The mature mud has a butter-like consistency, and is greasy and malleable, with good heat-conducting features. It cools down four times slower than water, and its viscosity is 350 times higher. Piešťany mud packs have positive effects on cartilage nutrition, mineral changes in bones, synovia, articular capsules, muscles, and tendons. Its effects on intervertebral discs are also notable; the intervertebral disc material is renewed and its hydration improves significantly. Another noteworthy effect is the suppression of leukocyte elastase activity, which is involved in the destruction of joint structures due to inflammatory joint disorders.

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