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Unique sulphur mud
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Unique sulphur mud

The Piestany Spa in Slovakia has always belonged among the largest and most famous in the world. Its reputation is based on the healing power of natural thermal mineral springs, as well as on the unique sulphur mud, which is the true treasure of the spa and ranks among the finest quality and most famous peloids in the world. The effects of the unique Piešťany mud are known to people practically worldwide. Its therapeutic effect on an impaired organism has been proven not only by centuries of experiences of physicians and the favourable results of treating rheumatism, but also by demanding scientific research.



How does (the Piešťany miracle) healing mud originate?

The unique living ecosystem of sulphur mud forms in the dead arm of the Váh river due to the action of geothermal and biological effects. After being withdrawn from the river, the mud is stored in special pools where it matures for at least one year. 

Špeciálne zariadenie, ktorým sa čerpá neaktívne bahno z obtokového ramena Váhu.

To enrich the mixture with mineral components, sulphur thermal water from thesprings with a temperature of about 67°C constantly flows into the pools. Without the presence of air, there forms a mass with a distinctive microbial flora from bacteria and the decayed parts of plants. If even one single component was lacking, the Piešťany miracle would not take place. After maturing, the mud is moved to mud kitchen where it waits for medical application.

What characteristics does it possess?

In addition to its miraculous healing effects the matured mud has a greasy consistency and a steel-blue to black colour. It is plastic, cools down four times more slowly than water and is an excellent heat conductor. It is not found in a similar form anywhere else in the world.

What are the healing effects of sulphur mud?

The most important effect of mud is its thermal effects. Since the mud transmits temperature four times slower than water, the body is heated more sparingly – we are referring to the hyperthermic effect not only on the skin but also on the muscles and joints. The application of mud reduces swelling of joints, reduces muscle tension, suppresses inflammation and joint and muscle pain, improves mobility and joint cartilage nutrition. In addition, chemical substances from sulphur mud pass through the skin into tendons, cartilages, joints...

It is an excellent means for the treatment of locomotive organs diseases and rheumatic diseases. It is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, and it also enhances the body’s immune processes and is suitable for regeneration.

Mud packs are particularly effective for the unpleasant symptoms of diseases of the joints, spine, tendons and muscles, such as pain and stiffness. Doctors also prescribe them for degenerative locomotive organs disorders (arthritis ....), rheumatic inflammatory diseases (rheumatoid arthritis ...), metabolic arthropathy (gout, osteoporosis ...), nerve diseases, conditions after inflammatory disorders of the central and peripheral nerve system, polio, consequences of injuries and surgeries of the spine and extremities, premature aging conditions of the locomotive organs system and the like.

The benefits of Piešťany mud can also be seen in the treatment of skin diseases, particularly in procedures where the mud is alternated with baths in thermal sulphur water. The effects of these two natural resources are strongly anti-inflammatory, and faster wound healing and beneficial effects on scars are also observed. The application of mud is also suitable for acne, as well as for diseases associated with psoriasis-caused inflammatory joint disease. The mud has bactericidal and anti-allergic effects in the treatment of eczemas. Also the effects of mud masks on the skin have been demonstrated – similar to the cosmetic effect of Dead Sea extracts. After the application of such masks, the skin remains velvety-peach.

Who discovered the healing mud?

According to legend, the beneficial effects of the mud were discovered by a peacock which used it to heal its sick leg. Already in the past people celebrated the unique effects of thermal mud. Doctors recommended covering the body with the mud for certain diseases, as far back as in the 16th century. The fact is that at the beginning of the 20th century the healing mud attracted hosts of famous people to the spa. Indian maharajas, Arabian sheikhs, and also European diplomats and politicians sought treatment and entertainment here. They were visited also by Jan Masaryk, Eugen Suchoň and the famous painter Alfons Mucha who in 1932 donated a painting to the spa in thanks for their treatment of his daughter.

Is the Piešťany mud suitable for everyone?

Treatments with Piešťany mud help thousands of spa guests every year. However, patients with infectious disease, diseases in an acute stage, patients with circulatory weakness, acute phlebitis, frequently recurrent bleeding, malignant tumours, sexually transmitted diseases, epilepsy, mental illness, urine leakage and those dependent on help cannot be treated in the spa.

Healing wealth of nature

In addition to sulphur mud, thermal mineral water is the main natural healing resource used in the Piešťany Spa. It rises from a depth of 2,000 meters, has a temperature of 67°C, and contains approximately 1,400 mg/l of minerals and free gases – sulphides and carbon-dioxide. We define these waters as moderately mineralized, medium thermal, weakly acidic, sulphate-hydrogen-carbonate, calcium-magnesium-sodium, sulphur, hypotonic, with an increased content of fluorine and salicylic acid. They are therefore suitable for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, neurological diseases, skin diseases, or as supplementary treatment for osteoporosis and gout. 

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