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Patient stories

Ada Straková, Bratislava
I am one of those people whose health was restored thanks to the spa in Piešťany, and therefore, I have gladly returned here every year at regular intervals for 23 years now. The spa has become a kind of second home for me. It literally put me back on my feet, and I was saved from surgery only by treatments which have been known for several generations thanks to their amazing effects. Mud packs, various massages and exercises, water treatments, electric treatments, swimming in the outdoor pool all year round, as well as additional services such as special massages, oxygen therapy and dry carbon gas bath have helped me stay relatively healthy for many years.
All this would not be sufficient without the human factor, specifically the attitude of my treating doctor, Dr. M. Markech, M.D., and the balneotherapy staff. During all these years, we have grown very close and I could hardly imagine my treatments without them. Our meetings are always spontaneous and nice. I hold their work in high esteem, as well as their goodwill and kindness. The same could be said about the staff at the reception desk of the Esplanade Hotel and the booking department directed by the obliging and devoted Terka Stredanská.
However, the healing process does not only involve treatments but also means meeting new people; and I can say that I have met many over those 23 years, probably also thanks to my profession. I have made friends which have lasted till today. My free time here can be spent wonderfully in the water world, during meetings with acquaintances and friends in a café or a night bar, as well as at concerts, theatre performances or trips.
I always return home completely relaxed, with my energy resources full. I already look forward to my next return when leaving. After all these years, the spa in Piešťany has long become a part of my lifestyle, and I believe that I will continue to return to the town on the River Váh many more times.

In Piešťany, 5 August 2011
Ada Straková

Györgyova Ľubica, Košice
Spa treatment from 31 July 2011 to 21 August 2011, Balnea Grand
I am 49 years old and I underwent the spa treatment at Health Spa Piešťany in the above period upon the recommendation of a neurologist due to the progression of the chronic pain in my back that spread into my lower extremities, causing a worsened mobility of hip and knee joints.
The doctor recommended mud packs, sulphurous baths and carbonic treatments, strengthened by massages and electro-treatments. I also went to group rehabilitation sessions.
After concluding the spa treatment, I experienced a substantial improvement, with only minimal pain in the small of my back, and a significant improvement of the mobility of my joints, as well as an end to pain there.

In Piešťany 19 August 2011
Ľubica Györgyová
Professionally reviewed by Dr Psica Martin, M.D.

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