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Gift vouchers

Give your loved ones the gift of health and relaxation in Spa Piešťany

Health, rest, relaxation and unforgettable moments...

Treat your loved ones to the perfect gift – a voucher for a spa stay or healing treatment in the beautiful surroundings of Spa Island in Piešťany.

Order vouchers and further information

Tel: +421 33 775 7733
Fax: +421 33 775 2528
By post: Slovenské liečebné kúpele Piešťany, a.s.
Marketing/Gift vouchers  
Winterova 29, 921 29 Piešťany, Slovakia

Gift vouchers for spa stays:
Choose from our wide selection of suitable spa stays and the relevant hotel, and we will send you the voucher by post after receipt of payment.
If you are unsure or hesitating about which product to select, we recommend opting for an amount of EUR 100 or higher, and the recipient can decide which spa stay to choose. After receipt of payment, we will send you the voucher by post. 

Gift vouchers for healing treatments:
Choose your favoured treatment from our price list of Health and Spa Care and Wellness and Beauty services, or just select an amount from EUR 25 and the recipient can choose which treatment to use it with.
After receipt of payment, we will send you the voucher by post. 


Commercial and payment terms regarding gift vouchers:

1. Slovenské liečebné kúpele Piešťany a.s.  (SLKP) shall provide gift voucher rather as a confirmation of the advance being paid than as a security. Therefore, damage or loss of the voucher shall not constitute any reasons for its validity being annulled.

2. Gift voucher shall be valid for 12 months since it being issued.

3. Gift voucher shall be transferable. Vouchers are registered in the SLKP database with their serial numbers, name and address of the client.

4. Gift voucher may be used solely to purchase recreation and treatment offered by the SLKP.

5. Having received the gift vouchers order, SLKP shall send payment information to the client via email, fax or regular post.

6. SLKP shall deliver the gift vouchers free of charge and to the address given by the client as the address of delivery, after the invoice was paid by the client.

7. If the price of the services ordered by a client exceeds the nominal value of the gift voucher, the client shall pay the excess amount via bank transfer or in cash at the hotel or spa reception. Overpayments shall not be refunded

8. Gift voucher may only be used within one purchase (order), no partial spending shall be allowed. Nominal value of vouchers used in one purchase shall add up.

9. Gift voucher may not be exchanged for cash or any other financial compensation.

10. Gift voucher owner shall provide his/her name and voucher serial number when using it for booking or treatment.

11. SLKP a.s. shall not be held responsible for misuse of lost or stolen gift vouchers.

12.  It is in the interest of the gift voucher owner to notify SLKP a.s. about it being lost or stolen, without undue delay. 

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