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VIVO - wine, beer, slovak specialities
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VIVO - wine, beer, slovak specialities

More of Slovakia in Spa Piešťany

For many years, the café Kantína has been very popular and a lot of domestic and foreign clients have visited it. This is mainly thanks to its attractive location – it is just at a stone's throw from the Kolonádový most (Colonnade bridge), and with a beautiful view on the Spa Piešťany dominant – the Hotel Thermia Palace. One can see also the famous presidents' fountain, beautiful park, as well as flowerbeds between the Spa houses Napoleón. However, the Kantína is visited also for its high quality assortment, cultural programme and friendly service.  

This year, the objective of the Spa Piešťany is to improve the repertoire and interior of this popular café. From April, you can find more Slovak domestic specialties and mainly domestic wine and beer in its menu.  „We would like to offer our guests more of Slovakia, better quality gastronomy and a more pleasant atmosphere“, said Hans Dieter Bergmann, the Sales and Marketing director of Spa Piešťany.

The interior will be decorated with things made by skilled Slovak craftsmen and hunting trophies from the nearby Piešťany hunting-ground. Part of the new menu will be also daily soup, cheese nibbles or desserts prepared according to the Slovak cuisine.

On this occasion the café Kantína will get its new name „VIVO Slovenské špeciality – VIVO Slovak specialities“. The new logo is in natural shades of green colour that harmonise with the natural environment of the peaceful Spa Island. Wine and beer, from which the name is derived will be dominant products of the new offer. The atmosphere and authenticity of the new shape of VIVO will be reinforced also by regular cultural events for the spa guests and visitors. Every week they can listen to Slovak folk music and songs.

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