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Wellness, relaxation & pleasure at the health spa in Piešťany, Slovakia

The Wellness & Spa Hotels are situated directly next to the Piešťany Health Spa in Slovakia, only two-hours’ drive from Vienna. The hotels offer comprehensive and elaborate wellness services for your relaxation, regeneration and pleasure. And, it’s the largest Wellness & Spa island in Europe!

Our Spa & Wellness Hotels in Piešťany

Wellness highlights in Piešťany

  • Unique natural therapeutic products using mineral-rich hot thermal water, and especially effective sulphuric mud for the best relaxation and enjoyment
  • Wide range of treatments that meet your needs: relaxing massages, pleasant body wraps, baths, facial treatments, and beauty procedures
  • Beautiful mud baths and thermal baths – mirror pool surrounded by unique Art Nouveau architecture, extensive area with pools and saunas
  • Extensive Premier Fitness centre with personal coaching programme and numerous active and sporting opportunities 
  • Beautiful and calm Spa island with spacious park and nine-hole golf course

Wellness treatments in Piešťany

Natural treatment products for better health

4* Health Spa Resort Esplanade and 5* Health Spa Resort Thermia Palace will pamper you with all manner of pleasures. Enjoy the combination of stylish accommodation comfort, refreshing and balanced cuisine, and a wide selection of beneficial massages and body wraps, relaxing baths, nourishing facial treatments, and beauty procedures.


Natural therapeutic products – mineral-rich hot thermal water and distinctive sulphuric mud – will demonstrate their calming effect and intensify overall relaxation and indulgence.


Check out our medicinal programmes to find an even wider range of treatments to improve your health and vitality.



Fig. 1: Mineral-rich hot thermal water                               Fig. 2: Local Mud Wrap

Slovakia’s most unique pool

Hotel Esplanade has a large outdoor pool (30-33°C), an indoor pool with hot tub and various attractions (30-33°C), a sauna world with Finnish sauna, steambath, infrared sauna and relaxing area.


Irma Health Spa is a beautiful historic sanatorium, which is part of Hotel Thermia Palace, where you can relax in a thermal bath – mirror pool (38-39°C) – or truly unique mud pool (39-40°) in pleasantly warm thermal water. The unique Art Nouveau architecture makes this area the most impressive and beautiful spa in Slovakia. There’s also a thermal outdoor pool (32-34°C), hot tub and sauna.


Fig. 1: Mud pool at Irma Spa                               Fig. 2: Relax in the mirror pool

Island of the Blessed

Switch off and relax on a walk through the Spa park, idyllic Spa island, or during one of our numerous available sporting activities. Premier Fitness centre has modern equipment, and our fitness trainers will gladly give you advice or create a personal fitness programme for you.


At the Wellness & Spa island you can choose whether to relax, take some treatments, regain vitality, or just recharge yourself. This wellness is truly good for the soul!

Fig.: Spa island with the Spa park

Current Top Offers

Bed & breakfast & pools

EUR 45.00
Person/1 night(s)
Enjoy your stay at hotel located in the picturesque environment of the Spa Island. A true pleasure is the heated indoor and outdoor pool.

New Year's Eve 2019

EUR 246.00
Person/3 nights
Enjoy the New Year's Eve celebration with the unique spa ambiance.

Stay in Piešťany with Half Board

EUR 37.00
Person/1 night
Hotel accomodation with Half board.

Only two-hours’ drive from Vienna


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