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Medical and spa treatments
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Medical and spa treatments

Health and SPA treatment

Complex spa treatment of skin diseases in Smrdáky is based on a long tradition of using unique natural healing sources - hydrogen sulphide mineral healing water and sulphurous healing mud. These are used physical therapy as well as healing rehabilitation, as well as the high erudition and professionalism of doctors and other staff. It is these components of Smrdáky Spa, which guarantee a significant therapeutic effect on the health of our patients. PLK Smrdáky is treating non-infectious skin diseases as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Natural mineral water with a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide and mineral hydrogen sulfide mud - are used again in the treatment. Apart from balneotherapy, we also have a modern rehabilitation department.


Health care

A major role in the healing process plays a doctor, who apart from basic the medical education has to be a specialist in erudition in dermatology or balneology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. At the beginning of the patient's stay, the doctor examines, determines or refines the diagnosis and based on the diagnosis, sets a treatment plan. The individual treatment program is regularly checked once a week and adjusted as needed.



At the first examination, the nurse and the doctor perform a complete anamnestic examination, which is necessary to know the disease and its causes. A discussion with a doctor enables to gain patient’s confidence. Taking advantage of complete clinical examination, the doctor complements the knowledge gained. He/She performs a skin assessment of the patient, assessing the current condition of skin, measuring movement functions, observing stereotypes of movement and walking, observing acts of normal activities, measuring the strength of the muscles, checking the deviations from the norm, or changing the observed physiological parameters. During spa treatment, there is sometimes a temporary subjective but also objective deterioration of the patient's health, "Spa reaction". It is a reactive reorganization of the functional, adaptive and immune systems of the body through the influence of the individual or all factors of the spa treatment. This reaction may take varying length depending on the patient's overall condition and adaptability. It usually disappears during the first days of treatment.

The goal of complex spa treatment is to improve or eliminate skin disease consequences and to prolong the remission period (a period without symptoms or with minimal manifestations), normalization of the function of the locomotor apparatus disrupted by the pathological process. Equally important is the improvement of the subjective feeling of health and an increase in mental and physical fitness, which will ultimately contribute to improving the quality of life.

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