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Natural healing sources
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Natural healing sources

Hydrogensulphide mineral water and Sulphurous mud 

Is the natural healing source of Spa Smrdáky, with a high content of therapeutically-acting hydrogen sulphide (680 mg/l). These values rank Smrdáky´s mineral water among the most highly concentrated hydrogen sulphide waters in Europe. The mineral water is distinguishable by its characteristic odour and its remarkable and exceptional effects in the treatment of various diseases, particularly skin diseases. It also contains minerals and salts – especially with a base of Na, Mg and Ca (3,400 mg/l), which favourably boost the healing and therapeutic effect.



The sulphurous mineral mud is a peloid that emerges from the accumulation of hydrogen sulphide water through the loessial soils found in this area. These strong acting sulphurous peloids are used as a health aid in the form of mud packs for joints and the back (spinal column).

There is nowhere in the world more suitable and favourable for the treatment of chronic skin diseases than Smrdáky.

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