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Premium room in Danubius Health Spa Resort Esplanade

Premium room in Danubius Health Spa Resort Esplanade


New comfort rooms in Spa Hotel Pro Patria**

New comfort rooms in Spa Hotel Pro Patria**


The renovated pavilion at the Spa Hotel Pro Patria brings new comfort

In order to increase the quality of services and satisfaction of guests, Health Spa Piešťany gradually invest in renovation and modernisation of the accommodation facilities.

The extensive reconstruction of the pavilion J at the Spa Hotel Pro Patria** run from 11th March to 30th June 2015 and only perimeter walls from the original construction remained. The reconstructed area is 670 m2 of the useful area and the pavilion received a completely new layout and furnishings.
The pavilion J has three floors with lift and provides accommodation for guests in a comfort category. The accommodation capacity of the Spa hotel was extended by 14 double rooms, 3 of which are barrier-free. There is an air-conditioning available for surcharge.

„We believe that the guest will positively response to the modernisation and improving of the quality of accommodation in the Spa Hotel Pro Patria**. Satisfaction of our guests is most important for us. I am very glad that thanks to this investment our guests will be able to better enjoy their stay in the Spa Piešťany and have better comfort.“, said Ing. Viliam Mikuláš, the Financial Director of the Slovak Health Spa Piešťany a.s.

Spa Piešťany has belonged to the leading European spa for more than 100 years for its treatment of musculoskeletal diseases associated with pain of e.g. back or joints, rheumatism and nervous system. The unique natural resources, the healing sulphur mud and the thermal mineral water, are famous thanks to their beneficial effects on human health not only in Slovakia, but also all over the world.

Information and reservation:

Spa Hotel Pro Patria**
Tel.: +421 33 775 3999   E-mail:

Slovak Health Spa Piešťany, Inc.
Tel.: +421 33 775 7733   E-mail:


Special wine edition 2013

Special wine edition 2013


Dear guests,

especially for you we have selected excellent wine from the well known region of Small Carpathians and dress it in our own label of Health Spa Piešťany. Try our wines during your stay or take them home as a present.


Vintage: 2012
Wine with protected designation of origin, white, dry
The Small Carpathian wine-making region, the Vineyard village Vištuk
This wine come from Nad Polankou vineyard in Vištuk.
It has green-yellow colour and intensive fruity aroma with light Muscat tones.
In its fruity taste you can find goos-berries or grapefruit.
We recommend to serve this wine cooled to 10 – 12 °C
with fresh water fish or white soft cheese.
12 %
Volume of the bottle:
0,75 l
National Collection of Slovak Wines 2013
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2013 - silver medal

Svätovavrinecké/St. Laurent

Vintage: 2011
Wine with protected designation of origin, red, dry
The Southern Slovakian Wine Region
This wine has an intensive red-purple colour. In the nose are dry plums, black cherries
and sour cherries. Full fruity taste is underlined with interesting structured tanstuffs.
It is fruity, full and harmonic wine, which is suitable for a long archivation. By maturing
in the bottle will increase the quality of wine, velvet tenderness and harmonic taste.
Serve this wine cooled to 14 – 16 °C with pork, goose, duck
and cheese with an intensive taste.
13 %
Volume of the bottle:
0,75 l

Bamboo massage

Bamboo massage


Bamboo massage is one of the oldest healing methods.
This unique massage releases energy blocks within the body, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, relieves back pain, muscle tension and stiffness. The massage also has beneficial  effects for the facial area, skin becomes firmer, softer and more radiant.
The massage is carried out with a  massage oil and special smooth bamboo sticks  of various sizes. It brings an overall feeling of wellbeing and rejuvenation. It is suitable for both men and women as an effective way of treating cellulite, aids lymphatic drainage, stretching and body relaxation.
Contraindications: excessive slimness, osteoporosis, varicose veins, pregnancy, inflammations, cancer, large amount of birthmarks.

Napoleon Health Spa
(50 min.), 41 €
(70 min.), 50 €

Balnea Health Spa
(50 min.), 42 €
(70 min.), 52 €                                        

Irma Health Spa
(50 min.), 45 €
(70 min.), 60 €

Tel.: +421 33 775 7251

SULTHERA® - New cosmetics line by Spa Piešťany

SULTHERA® - New cosmetics line by Spa Piešťany



Day cream using the beneficial efects of sulphur mineral springs. Gentle care for your skin, leaving it silky smooth and glowing. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid it provides a long-term deep hydration. Active ingredients have antiaging effects, leaving skin more elastic and supple. The cream is suitable for all skin types and absorbs quickly.
Price: 18 EUR / pc.


Effective night cream activating skin´s natural regeneration process, repairing your skin while you sleep. Minerals from sulphur springs and the hyaluronic acid revitalize, strengthen and moisturise skin. Optimal cream balance provides a regenerative effect of deep penetration into the skin, soothing, preventing the origin of wrinkles and significantly enhancing elasticity and strength.
Price: 18 EUR / pc.


Milk body Sulthera® Lotion nourishes and softens your skin, helping its rejuvenation. This unique lotion is designed as an ideal skin regeneration tool after spa treatments. Use daily all over your body for visibly softer and lightly scented skin. The product is suitable for sensitive skin.
Price: 18 EUR / pc.


Luxury natural soap produced from the world‘s unique Pieštany sulphur mud, retaining all of its therapeutic effects. High sulphur content stimulates skin and improves its elasticity. Soap application significantly reduces skin inflammations and aids the healing process. The soap is all-natural and unscented, doesn´t dry out skin.
Price: 9 EUR / pc.


This special package of day and night cream is ideal for trying out their beneficial effects. Fits easily in your handbag, ready to use at any occasion!

Price: 9 EUR / pc.


Buy day and night cream Sulthera and get a Sulthera body lotion for free.


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