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Leisure activities

Hiking in Sopron and its surroundings

Excursions to lookouts | Taródi Castle | Summer bobsled | Opportunities for bathing | Cruise ship tours on Lake Neusiedl | Sopron mini train, Electric car |Adventures by plane | Cycling around Lake Neusiedl and the surroundings of Sopron | Széchenyi Museum Railway - Nagycenk | Adventure Park Lövér | Harrer Chocolate Factory | Family Park - St. Margarethen | All Stars Bowling | The Schneeberg


Excursions to lookouts

Károly Watchtower

The watchtower of the city, built in 1962-63, stands on Avas Hill. From there, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city. The tower is 73 metres high and was designed by Miklós Hofer.

Getting there: Lövér Hills, from the direction of Récényi Street

Sörházdomb Lookout

Sörházdomb is one of the mountain ranges of the Sopron Mountains, standing at a height of 300 metres. A new wooden tower was constructed in 2006 on the site of a lookout tower destroyed in the Second World War.

You can easily reach the lookout tower from Lővér Ring Road, as well as from Sörházdomb Street by following posted information boards. The panorama of the city and the Löverek is excellent.

Accessiblity: Sopron, from Sörházdomb Street or Lővér Ring Road

Várhely Lookout

The 483m-high Várhely Lookout with its imposing tower resembles a kind of double helix, with two staircases winding their way around themselves.


Taródi Castle

Deep in the suburbs of the small medieval town of Sopron in Hungary, the white turrets and towers of Taródi Castle peek out over thick trees. The castle comes complete with all the prerequisites of a fairytale, with dark stone passageways, stained-glass windows covered in vines, torturous rope bridges, terraces, and bastions. Taródi Castle is now almost 50 years old, though it still appears to be a work in progress. While parts of it are crumbling, perhaps from neglect, other parts are slowly being worked on. The family still lives in the castle, but a portion of it is open to the public. The dark passageways are cold and dusty, and every nook and cranny is piled with stuff. Besides being builders of follies, the Taródi’s are also collectors, the kind who never throw anything away. Antique furniture, forgotten paintings, old family photos, and random miscellany, all coated in a thick layer of dust, make it almost hard to walk around. One couldn't wish for anything more in a private castle.

9400 Sopron, Csalogány köz 28.
Tel.: +36-99-321-986

Summer bobsled

The summer bobsled ride offers you an unforgettable experience, either alone or with a partner. You can speed up or slow down according to your speed and temperament. The bobsled run in Sopron is always a good destination for school trips, children's birthdays, or corporate and family outings.

Address: Sopron, Bécsi domb: on Route 84, 5km from the border at Klingenbach

Opportunities for bathing

Tómalom lakes - Sopronkőhida

The story of Tómalom goes back to the 1500s, although it is said the lakes existed even in Roman times.

The linguist Károly Mollay believes that today's Tómalom may have been built under the leadership of Mayor Kristóf Herb, the first landlord of the area, in the 1470-80s. In 1822, Konrád Mühl became the miller of Nagytómalom. In 1842, he founded the first outdoor bath in Nagytómalom

In 1918, the Sopron Association for Beautification of the City purchased the Nagytómalom to build a larger resort.

Between 1920 and 1922, a beach, hotel with 14 rooms and restaurant were built according to Ferenc Schneider's plans. In 1930, the beach was extended according to designs by the architect György Hárs. At that time, a row of cabins and a U-shaped wooden pier were constructed, which also had an approximately 4m-high diving platform. In the 1930s, a few summer homes were built on the hill opposite the beach.

The Tómalom Bath was bombed during World War II. In the fall of 1945, Soviet troops occupied the building complex at Tómalom and stayed there over the winter. The bath was reconstructed after the war, but the mill was completely destroyed. Since then, the bath has operated with only small changes.

Cruise ship tours on Lake Neusiedl

Fertő-tó Nautical Co. Ltd.

Fertő-tó Nautical Co. Ltd. operates cruise ships on the very beautiful Lake Neusiedl. The ship Burgenland can accommodate 120 people. There are comfortable seats in the lower covered area, and guests are served by the buffet staff. During the cruise, visitors can learn about the peculiarities of Lake Neusiedl on the Hungarian side. You can also visit the Austrian part of the lake on request. There is a cycle track around the lake, so you can combine the cruise with a pleasant bike ride.

The ship Gabi is suitable for small groups (up to 20 people), and if required it can be used on the Fertőrákos - Mörbisch - Illmicz line. The pier and the boats are accessible for handicapped people.

Boats depart between 15 March and 31 October daily, between 9:00-18:00 from the port of Fertőrákos.

9421 Fertőrákos, Hajókikötő 1.
Tel.: +36-99-355-165 

Drescher Line Nautical Society

The Drescher Line offers popular services and programmes at the port of Fertőrákos: boating trips for crossing or cruising around the Hungarian and Austrian sides of Lake Neusiedl.

Bicycles can also be transported on the boats, so the cruises can be combined with a bike ride around the lake.

9021 Fertőrákos - Port
Tel./Fax: +36-99-355-361

Sopron mini train, electric car

These small, electric vehicles can be rented for a city tour in Sopron, for family events or just for a bit of fun.


Adventures by plane

The airport at Fertőszentmiklós offers scenic flights, sky diving and other excursions on request.

Airport at Fertőszentmiklós
9444 Fertőszentmiklós; the small airport is located along Route 85, in the direction of Győr from Sopron. The airport offers taxi flights, car hire and accommodation on request.

Coordinates: N 47°35'1,2” E 016°50'41,7"

Cycling around Lake Neusiedl and the surroundings of Sopron

Lovers of cycling can find excellent biking paths from Sopron to Lake Neusiedl, or around the lake, which is well-marked on maps.

By bike to Tómalom Bath
By bike to Fertőrákos or to the beach resort at Lake Neusiedl
Beach resort Lake Neusiedl

Széchenyi Museum Railway - Nagycenk 
A 760-mm track of the museum railway belonging to the Museum of Transportation was built in 1972. Trains pulled by steam locomotives run here.

The terminal station is the Fertőboz Railway Station on the Győr-Sopron line. The museum railway is operated by the GYSEV Railway Company, and child volunteers carry out many of the duties. The locomotive and carriage were built in the early 20th century. The 3,600-metre museum railway is popular with both young and adult railway lovers.

Lövér Adventurepark
The adventure park is located in the Lövérek forested area. Challenge yourself on rope courses and slides of various heights and on different levels. 

Harrer Chocolate Factory
Chocolate tasting tour with a short film, a glass of champagne and chocolate specialities.

Family Park - St. Margarethen
From princesses and pirates to adventurers, explorers and gourmets - Austria's biggest leisure park definitely has something for everyone!

All Stars Bowling
Enjoy sport and fun in a modern atmosphere!

The Schneeberg
The king of the Viennese Alps rises high above the surrounding countryside, confirming its status as the highest mountain in Lower Austria at 2,075 metres. The Schneebergbahn railway transports you from the spa resort of Puchberg up into this mountain paradise. Expect untouched nature, marked hiking trails and incredible views!  Fancy a day trip...? The Schneebergbahn awaits you!

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