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The Healing power of Nature Spas

The Healing Power of Nature

Why Danubius Health Spa Resorts are so unique...

  • Traditional health treatments using natural resources

    Discover the healing properties of our natural resources on which our treatments are based.

  • Medical expertise

    Trust in the expertise of our experienced doctors and healthcare team.

  • Health treatments

    Feel great!  The effectiveness of our medically prescribed personalized treatment programs are proven by 40 years of expertise and results.

  • Wellness services

    Everything you need for total relaxation under one roof: pick and choose from ourpampering, relaxing services – or maybe try them all!

  • Fitness and beauty care

    Enjoy exercising in our Premier Fitness gyms, which are equipped with modern equipment, or have a make over with the exclusive treatments and high quality cosmetics of our Emporium Beauty Salons.

  • Healthy food

    Delicious and healthy: choose from the healthy, organic and low-calorie Danubius Healthy Choice meals and dishes created by our outstanding chefs.

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  • 5
    A traveler- 20 Jul. 2012
    I stand in this hotel only one night but my parents stand longer time and I summerized our experience.
  • 4.5
    František Skála- 17 Jul. 2012
    Na rozdíl od mé loňské návštěvy mě překvapilo poměrně velké množství hodně malých dětí, které působí rušivě jak třeba v restauraci, tak i v prostorách bazénů. Toto bych však považoval pochopitelné a omluvitelné. To, co mi však vadilo více je to, že jsem se během pobytu opakovaně setkal s tím, že děti ve věku odhaduji 3-4 roky se vyčůrají do bazénu a části papírových dětských plen ve vodě bazénu také nepůsobí zrovna dobře.
  • 5
    Yanan- 08 Apr. 2018
    Good: very decent and the location makes you feel so good. the air on the island is fresh. and it is not far away from the city centre
  • 4.8
    Radomir Chyla- 02 Oct. 2018
    A bit small space in restaurant near buffet.
  • 4.6
    Sean- 07 Jun. 2015
    Good: They upgraded our room and treated us like kings Bad: Restaurants could have better hours
  • 5
    jorge raul l- 04 Oct. 2011
    This guest did not leave a comment.
  • 4.8
    Sebastian- 11 Apr. 2018
    Good: Location is decent. If you like you can walk to city center. It will take you around 45 minutes. Breakfast is plentyfull and diverse, I realy recomend it. The staff was veru nice and helpfull. The SPA was decent also, but nothing special :) Bad: Spaces around the pools were a Little dirty, but maybe it was like that because it was late when we arrived (at around 7pm) Because of the renovation that was ongoing, there was some noise a little to early for my taste :) ( aprox 8am if I remember correctly )
  • 5
    David- 19 Jan. 2017
    Good: I really enjoyed staying at Gellert Hotel, the location was easily accessible to everywhere I went. I had a great time in Budapest. Thank you to the friendly staff for welcoming me to Budapest for the first time. Bad: I was feeling frustrated with the wifi connection as there were times it kept disconnecting and found it hard to get it connected again and again. I don't know if the hotel's wifi is weak but it would be good to update and have better and stronger connection for those who will visit Gellert Hotel in the future.
  • 5
    Zsuzsa- 17 Jun. 2011
    Palatinus is an old and elegant hotel, its location cannot be better: right in the middle of downtown in the turist district, close to most of the attractions. The breakfast buffet is really awesome!
  • 5
    Xavier Miter- 26 Oct. 2015
    If any of you guys are looking for dirt cheap hotel deals I would check out HotelRaven. Com I saved a ton of money using that site. I was in the spa only. Personally love places with style, which had seen better times. If you must have everything new and shiny, probably will be a little disappointed. I like it very much. Not sure, but I think the swimming pool played in one older James Bond movie. There are pools for both sexes and steam baths, saunas, massages and smaller pools separated for men and women.



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