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The Healing power of Nature Spas

The Healing Power of Nature

Why Danubius Health Spa Resorts are so unique...

  • Traditional health treatments using natural resources

    Discover the healing properties of our natural resources on which our treatments are based.

  • Medical expertise

    Trust in the expertise of our experienced doctors and healthcare team.

  • Health treatments

    Feel great!  The effectiveness of our medically prescribed personalized treatment programs are proven by 40 years of expertise and results.

  • Wellness services

    Everything you need for total relaxation under one roof: pick and choose from ourpampering, relaxing services – or maybe try them all!

  • Fitness and beauty care

    Enjoy exercising in our Premier Fitness gyms, which are equipped with modern equipment, or have a make over with the exclusive treatments and high quality cosmetics of our Emporium Beauty Salons.

  • Healthy food

    Delicious and healthy: choose from the healthy, organic and low-calorie Danubius Healthy Choice meals and dishes created by our outstanding chefs.

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  • 5
    Annamaria T.- 01 Aug. 2014
    Good: location, spa, architecture fantastic! it couldn't be better
  • 5
    Bela- 30 Apr. 2016
    Good: Good food. Comfortable bed. Lovely room with balcony. Bad: Fewer trees around hotel would give a better view of the park.
  • 4.6
    Olivia- 30 Jan. 2017
    Good: Everything was generally good, especially the spa facilities. Bad: I was under the impression that I would be staying in a room like the one in the picture however it was an older room that had not been renovated, it was not bad but was not what I wanted.
  • 5
    Anonymous- 11 Jun. 2016
    Good: It's a wonderful hotel with soul, you can still feel the charm of 1920's in it. If you like the modern spirit of vibrant boutique or super luxurious expensive hotels, this one is not for you. But if you love art deco, beautiful interiors with style and soul, you will not be dissapointed. It was a pleasure to have breakfasts and evening drinks in a lovely restaurant downstairs. Really lovely place.
  • 4.2
    lioliosidou maria- 29 Aug. 2012
    Πολυ καλη τοποθεσια, κεντρικοτατο.... διπλα σε σταση μετρο,κοντα στο πεζοδρομο της vaci.Το δωματιο ειναι μεγαλο και εχει καθημερινη καθαριοτητα.Το προσωπικο που ευγενικο.
  • 4.8
    Yuri- 05 Aug. 2015
    Good: If you're interested not only in sightseeing but also in spa and geothermal facilities at a hand's reach - this is definitely an option to consider. Public transportation to either side of the city is readily available.
  • 5
    Nicolae Jurcut- 19 May. 2017
    Very nice
  • 4.8
    Anonymous- 03 Apr. 2014
    Bad: RIEN
  • 5
    a guest- 30 Oct. 2011
    This guest did not leave a comment.
  • 5
    A traveler-
    This guest did not leave a comment.



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