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Total fitness is the optimum quality of life. This includes:

  • physical
  • mental
  • social
  • spiritual

Each of these is strongly interrelated to one another.

Good health is the result of the balanced functions of several interrelated systems: neuro-hormonal, cardio-respiratory, digestion-excretion, immunity and mental-emotional.
Mental health, cellular health and the electromagnetic field of the body are key points in defining health in the deepest sense.
These 3 deep levels are disrupted more nowadays than in the past because of our modern lifestyle and polluted environment. This means that even if we generally live longer than our ancestors, the quality of our lives (our well-being and happiness) is lower. Whilst we don’t die so young, we are more afflicted from youth to old age with chronic diseases caused by stressful lifestyle, lack of movement, bad nutrition and poor stress coping habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs, overeating).
Danubius prevention programs aim to reverse most of these causes, prevent chronic diseases and offer precise solutions for restoring total fitness.

Danubius prevention programs are flexible programs, which are adapted to the needs of our guests, after filling out and being assessed using the ‘Lifestyle Questionnaire’.
The lifestyle questionnaire scores help the guest to evaluate his/her progress from time to time.
The aim of our general prevention programs are to motivate the guest to improve their daily lifestyle through a spa program and written advice information.
Danubius spa programs are based upon balneology. Without neglecting the impressive merit of classical medicine (precis, sophisticated diagnosis and surgery techniques, medication), balneology:

  • is an entirely system-based, adaptative medicine: the body as a whole is involved in dynamic adaptations to climate and natural healing factors, thus activating its perfect own-healing and regenerating mechanisms;
  • is a health-centered approach toward total fitness, sustained by an adequate environment, infrastructure and staff focused on healthy lifestyle.

In “civilized” countries about 80% of people are sitting in closed spaces (in jobs, schools, homes, driving cars etc). Even children and teenagers sit daily for more than 8 hours of their 16 waking hours.
When we sit for more than 8 hours a day, our body goes into “rest mode”, leading to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis and mental-emotional disturbances.

Life is movement and we are born to move

Movement is the best anti-aging method.

People who are moving more than 8 hours a day are physically and mentally younger than their chronological age:
movement rejuvenates the body at molecular level.

Regular movement has the following effects:
  • decreases general inflammation, the first step and basis for premature aging;
  • blocks the shortening of telomeres, related with accelerated aging;
  • activates the expression of sirtuine SIRT3, the gene of longevity;
  • activates the cellular respiration→ ↑ ATP→ ↑ energy levels for all biological functions.
Danubius Re-energizing programs are meant to:
  • improve cellular respiration and stabilize the electromagnetic field of the body;
  • improve physical fitness using combined cardio, strength, flexibility exercises;
  • improve spine health and reverse the effects of prolonged sitting.
Danubius Re-energizing Programs content:
  • Medical Wellness consultation - ‘Lifestyle Questionnaire’ assessment
  • Fitness consultation and training plan adapted to guest’s age, fitness level, 
  • current diseases and deficiencies, length of health spa stay:
    • individual therapeutic exercise; individual swimming training;
    • exercise classes: spine health, Pilates, Yoga, Aquafitness;
    • oxygen therapy; swimming, Nordic walking, etc.
  • Other procedures:
    • hydrotherapy: underwater jet massage, alternating bath, carbon dioxide bath;
    • myofascial release by resistance stretching and massage;
    • relaxing procedures: electrotherapy/ultrasound, magnetic therapy, galvanic bath, mud pack, salt bath;
    • wellness procedures: refreshing massage, refreshing aroma bath, thai massage, etc.
  • Lifestyle advice

Nutrition plays a key role in maintaining good health and longevity.
All credible scientific datas prove that people consuming a plant based, unprocessed diet live longer and healthier in old age, whilst those eating a western, highly processed diet suffer earlier from several degenerative diseases. The healthy diet is a plant based diet for almost all populations.
The term “plant based” is an appropriate description because:

  • it does not exclude a moderate or low consumption of good quality (organic) animal foods;
  • it emphasizes that the amount of vegetable food is higher, by custom or by voluntary decision.

According to ‘Lifestyle Questionnaire’ assessment, the guest receives advice regarding ‘Healthy choice’ for restaurant offers during health spa stay, as well as individualized written information about: 

  • General rules for nutrition and combining foods
  • Good quality hydration
  • Healthy versus unhealthy diet/cooking methods
  • Analysis for checking nutritional imbalancies
  • The main steps from unhealthy → healthy diet        

 (‘Danubius Healthy Diet’)

Danubius Weight-loss Programs include:
  • Medical Wellness consultation
    (‘Lifestyle Questionnaire’ assessment, weight-gain measurements, blood check analysis)  
  • Diet advice, fitness consultation, weight-loss treatments
  • Time-related weight-loss schedule (for home)
  • If needed: medical guidance to other medical branches (endocrinology, cardiology, etc)

Our body is always in a state of de-tox as long as the liver, the kidneys and the colon are functioning. Depending on diet and the level of movement, the amount of non removed toxins will be different.
The process of intoxication starts from early childhood and continues during all our life till death.
Intoxication is one of the main causes of acute and chronic diseases, low quality of life and premature death. Danubius De-tox Programs provide:

  • intensive de-tox - to make the natural de-tox processes more efficient;
  • training for daily, lifelong de-tox habits: De-tox lifestyle
Danubius De-tox Programs include:

  • Medical Wellness consultation
    (‘Lifestyle questionnaire’, blood check analysis)
  • Danubius De-tox procedures according to the affected de-tox organs(skin, respiratory system, liver, bowel, kidneys, lymphatic system)
  • Lifestyle advice (diet, movement)




About 80% of all diseases are caused by stress and the effects of a stressful lifestyle. 
The visible causes of stress are job, family, financial situation and health, accompanied by pollution of air, water, foods, phonic, electromagnetic, informational. The hidden causes of stress are: social, financial and professional competition, the worship of image, neglecting the family relationships, breaking loose from nature, dependencies on smoking, alcohol, erotism, TV, net, work.
HANS SELYE defined stress as “a non-specific reaction of the body to a stimulus”.
He named General Adaptation Syndrome the body’s three stage complex reaction to a prolonged stress, linked with specific health disorders:
1. the Alarm reaction („fight or flight”) linked with first stage disorders (chest pain, muscle tension)
2. the Resistance stage linked with psychosomatic disorders (irritable bowel, fibromyalgia)
3. the Exhaustion stage linked with diseases (myocardial infarction, stroke, cancer, depression)
Medical Wellness consultation establishes the stage of health damage related to stress.
The human mind has the ability to choose happiness instead of stress = mental reprogramming: the expression of our genes can be changed by will (modified perception). Consequently, new, healthy interneuronal connections develop after keeping 3 months the new habit.
Caution: Danubius Anti-stress Program is not recommended for persons suffering from psychiatric diseases (severe anxiety, severe depression, phobias; psychosis).

Danubius Anti-stress Program content:

  • Medical Wellness consultation
    (current state of health + ‘Lifestyle Questionnaire’)
  • Anti-stress counseling – 2 sessions:
    • causes of stress, level of stress, psychological prophyle
    • relaxing techniques and mental reprogramming
  • Relaxing procedures +/- movement
  • Lifestyle advice (movement, healthy sleep habits, diet)

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