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Medical wellness

Health & Prevention: Medical Wellness

Medical wellness

Medical wellness (prevention)

Medical wellnessIn recent years – in line with international trends – we’ve seen growth in demand for the wellness programmes provided by our medical spa hotels.
This trend has prompted us to start offering ‘medical wellness’, a service that, is growing in popularity all around the world.

What’s the difference between medical spa treatments and medical wellness?
What we usually refer to as ‘traditional’ medical spa treatments are used to treat people who already are suffering from some health complaint. Medical wellness, on the other hand, is aimed at providing various treatmentsto those who are healthy, and wish to make an effort to stay that way, or alternatively, those who have the early onset on a condition and would like to prevent it from escalating

Medical wellness

Key elements in a medical wellness programme are the doctor’s expertise, a preventive approach, responsibility by the individual for their own state of health, and a desire to actively reduce the everyday impact of the harmful effects of modern living.

Medical wellness is an important part of illness prevention, as the aim is to identify any predisposition to certain illnesses, or warning symptoms, in order to prevent the onset of more serious problems.

Through our recommended treatments we try to ease stress and boost waning energy levels and to help the body resist the many harmful environmental effects that it is exposed to.

We offer medical wellness stays for the following: de-stress, de-tox, active weight loss and reenergizing.

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