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Danubius Premier Fitness clubs, loctions & programs



FitnessExercising is fun in our Danubius Premier Fitness clubs!

Do you feel that fitness clubs aren’t for you? Or do you already visit a gym on a regular basis? Whichever is the case, if you try out Danubius Hotels’ fitness clubs, you’re sure to be satisfied!
Danubius Premier Fitness is for people who lead, or would like to lead, a health-conscious lifestyle. The clubs are fully equipped fitness centres, with a choice of cardio and strength training machines, pools and saunas. Specialist trainers are on hand to assist you during the exercise sessions, and can even draw up a personalised exercise plan for you.

Danubius Premier Fitness centres at five locations in Hungary offer you a variety of group exercise sessions, pilates, yoga and spine-strengthening exercise classes. Try the Body Pump exercises at the Danubius Hotel Arena, or aquafitness at the Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget and the Danubius Hotel Flamenco!
It’s also worth trying the fitness bike and figure-shaping sessions in the Danubius Hotel Helia. At the Hévíz hotel, in addition to the Aquafitness and Morning Exercise Sessions, the Danubius Premier Fitness team also offer forest walks and Nordic walking opportunities, to get the most out of the natural features of the surrounding area.

If you like to exercise on a regular basis, it’s worth buying a Danubius Premier Fitness season ticket. It’s easier than you think to start leading a health-conscious lifestyle!

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