Employee of the Month April 2019 – Heena Vara

If you are following our blog, you may have noticed that each month we award one of our employees for his/her good work and outstanding service at the Danubius Hotel Regents Park. Last month we introduced you to our assistant financial controller, Anita. You can read her story here.

This month, we are proud to announce that our Employee of the Month is the lovely Heena from our reservation team!



Since her childhood, Heena always wanted to make something of herself. Her parents envisaged her as a medical professional, but science was never her favourite subject in school, which is why that possibility was ruled out. Heena decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Management instead. While studying, she was unsure of what the future had in store for her, but her life took a turn when she arrived in London. She started working as a hotel receptionist and soon discovered her passion for hospitality.

Currently, she is a proud member of the Danubius reservation team. It is the camaraderie of the office life and the interactions with guests that fills her with enthusiasm on a daily basis. Today, be it through her job or the fact that she was able to pass her driving test on the very first go, Heena feels good about what she has achieved in life so far. She wants to keep this momentum going and advance her career by pursuing a master’s degree in accountancy.

On the personal front, Heena thoroughly enjoys travelling and seeing new places. She also finds herself unwinding through drawing and sketching.

Heena is our ‘Employee of the Month’ for April. Well done and keep up the good work!


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    […] Last month, it was Heena from our reservation team to be nominated Employee of the Month. You can read her story here. […]