Employee of the Month – Ronald Fitos

It is time again to award one of our employees for his/her hard work and excellent service!

Last month we had the pleasure to talk about Teresa from our housekeeping team. You can find out more about her here.

This time, it is Roland Fitos’ turn to be on our wall of fame.

Now a little bit more about him  Roland was actively looking for a job when he came across the Danubius hotel by chance.

Having recently left Hungary, he was feeling homesick and it was the Hungarian national flag outside the hotel that drove him to walk in and apply for a job. The rest, as they say, is history! Today Roland is a proud and invaluable member of the Food & Beverage team.

It’s his passion for food, drinks and people that constantly keep him motivated. In the future, Roland plans to turn his passion into a lucrative business by opening his own restaurant.
He is an avid traveller and music lover. Having performed on the stage in Hungary as a theatre actor for over 10 years, acting, directing and music hold a special place in Roland’s heart till date!

Roland is our ‘Employee of the Month’ for November. Well done and keep up the good work!!


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    […] Last month we had the pleasure to talk about Ronald, our food and beverage operative. You can read his story here. […]