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Healthy Break

Danubius Healthy Break - Good food, good business

Healthy Break

DANUBIUS HEALTHY BREAK - Good food, good business

Ensure the success of your event with high quality catering!

We feel a responsibility to ensure the high standards of your event not only by equipping our event venues with the latest technical equipment, but also by providing you with the benefit of the many years of experience of our nutritional specialists.

The right choice of food nourishes the body and stimulates the mind.


What is Healthy Break?

In our Budapest hotels, with the DANUBIUS HEALTHY BREAK brand, now you too can provide the participants in your event with a diet that has been scientifically put together to ensure that after meals they not only retain, but due to certain nutrients, can actually boost their mental capacity.

Who hasn’t, at some time or other, been overcome with drowsiness due to a spike in their blood sugar level after lunch?
And at a conference or training session, what could be more important than making sure that everyone involved can maintain their concentration and their focus on the activity in hand?

Dazzle the participants at your event, and see for yourself what it’s like when a scientifically composed menu goes hand in hand with stunning presentation and an unforgettable world of flavours!

Main features of the Danubius Healthy Break:

  • foods with low salt, sugar and fat content,
  • salad bar, fruits,
  • wholemeal bakery products,
  • fresh, organic ingredients purchased from local producers,
  • freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices.

Request a quote for 9 Budapest hotels using the contact details below:

Danubius Business Travel Sales Office

Tel: (+36) 1 889 4110

Fax: (+36) 1 889 4149


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