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  • WiFi
  • Parking
  • Full air-conditioning
  • Accessible hotel
  • Pet-friendly hotel
  • Non-smoking hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Wellness services
  • Medical services
  • All-inclusive service
  • Function rooms
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Jiří- 03 Jul. 2019

Medical spa stays

Hotel Bük wellnessThermal water

The government-certified medicinal waters of Bük bubble up to the surface from a depth of 1282 m at a temperature of 56°C. The water contains calcium magnesium hydrogen carbonate, meaning that it belongs to the group of “earthy-limy” waters, and it is excellent for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. The high concentration of carbonic acid gives it an invigorating effect and helps to improve circulation.

Therapeutic services
  • Doctor’s check up and consultation
  • Balneotherapy and hydrotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Packs
  • Inhalation
  • Dentist (opposite the hotel): dental examinations, dental treatments, gum shower
  • Rheumatologic and internal consultation
  • Eye examination free of charge

Medical treatments

Looking for a natural remedy for your health conditions? Find out more about our medical services, which can help you restore your health.

Still have questions? Get in touch:

Danubius Hotel Bük ****

Phone: +36-94-889-400
Room reservation: +36 95 888 493
Fax: +36 94 889 432

Address: 1. Európa út, 9740 Bük, Hungary View map View map

Room reservation

+36 95 888 493

1. Európa út, 9740 Bük, Hungary View map

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