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Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz **** Superior

4-star wellness hotel Hevíz

4-star wellness hotel Hevíz

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  • WiFi
  • Parking
  • Full air-conditioning
  • Accessible hotel
  • Non-smoking hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Wellness services
  • Medical services
  • Function rooms
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Béla- 05 Mar. 2018


Health assessment, health and beauty therapy

The Indigo Bio-feedback is a therapy technology to assess the health status of the body by measuring body cell resonance. During the treatment the very root of health problems will be eliminated.
During the check-up the device determines the portion of which substances (vitamins, minerals etc.) should be increased and the performance of which organs should be improved.
It can determine risk factors in time so it has a major role in prevention.
After the treatment one can get rid of several problems, which weaken their body. Stress and fatigue disappear, and the self-healing processes in the body will be stimulated, one will gain new energy.
Harmonizing body and soul without side-affects!
Duration of treatment: 90 minutes Price: 14.900 Ft

Available therapies after the basic health assessment

Beauty therapies

  • Facelift / facial rejuvenation
  • Breast enlargement
  • Lip enlargement
  • Eye contour treatment
  • Neck treatment
    The treatment enables even the smallest muscles to work finely, thereby resolving their tension, so makes the skin younger and smoother.
Advanced therapies
  • Stress reduction against chronic fatigue
  • Spine-energy management
  • Heart-rhythm control & blood circulation improvement
  • Immune system reinforcement (allergy)
  • Treatment of digestive problems
  • Pain relief
  • Muscle building
  • Sleep improvement
  • Nervous system relaxation
  • Memory stimulation
Price: 9.900 Ft


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Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz **** Superior

Phone: +36-83-889-400
Room reservation: +36 83 889 444
Fax: +36 83 889 402

Address: 9-11. Kossuth Lajos utca, 8380 Hévíz, Hungary View map View map

Room reservation

+36 83 889 444

9-11. Kossuth Lajos utca, 8380 Hévíz, Hungary View map

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