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Health Spa Resort Esplanade ****

Healthy Weight Program

Healthy Weight Program

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  • WiFi
  • Parking
  • Pet-friendly hotel
  • Non-smoking hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Wellness services
  • Medical services
  • Function rooms
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Healthy Weight Program - Health Spa Resort Esplanade

Healthy Weight Program

1,651.00 EUR
Person/13 night(s)
Availability: 14 January 2018 - 12 January 2019
from 1,651.00 EUR Person/13 night(s)

This spa stay focuses on weight reduction combining nutritional balance with treatments for the musculoskeletal system that has been effected by weight overload. The recommended length of stay is from 3 weeks. (min. 13 nights)

  • Accommodation with full board: special reduction diet, individual diet low on saccharides, with sufficient intake of proteins, low on fats and rich in fluid and vitamin supply; mostly light, low-calorie meals from poultry, fish and white meats, with high content of vegetables, fibres and vitamins, enriched by natural nutritional supplements and a drinking cure
  • Doctor and health examinations: (initial and final) with special emphasis on symptoms of obesity and related complications; localization of body fat; individual food intake regime; consultation with a dietary coach
  • Consultation with a fitness trainer
  • BMI and WHR check-up
  • Diagnostics and laboratory tests
  • Medical report at the end of the stay
  • Healing treatments: individual therapeutic program with up to 28 treatments per week (7 nights) based on guest’s health and doctor’s prescription
  • Treatments are selected from below: Thermal bath (Mirror pool), Mud pool, Individual thermal mineral bath, Mud pack (2x per week), Group therapeutic exercise (daily), Whirlpool, Hydromassage, Underwater jet massage, Partial medical massage, Individual therapeutic exercise (2x per week) or Soft techniques with Ortho-Bionomic method (2x per week), Nordic walking, Scottish spray, Stepping bath, Carbon therapy (max. 2x per week), Electrotherapy, Oxygen Inhalation, Salt Cave, Personal fitness training (daily), Tractions

    Free of charge:

    WIFI in room and hotel public areas

    luggage service

    Water and Sauna World

    Danubius Premier Fitness 

    with pool, saunas and water bicycles


    2018/2019Low seasonMid seasonHigh season
    Prices in Euro per person per night14.1. 2018 - 24.2.2018 ; 25.11.2018 - 22.12.201825.2.2018 - 24.3.2018 ; 14.10.2018 - 24.11.201825.3.2018 - 13.10.2018 ; 23.12. 2018 - 12.1.2019
    DBL Comfort (Wing Esplanade)129135149
    SGL Comfort (Wing Esplanade)167176223
    DBL Premium (Wing Esplanade)147156174
    SGL Premium (Wing Esplanade)190202261
    DBL Superior plus (Wing Esplanade)147156174
    SGL Superior plus (Wing Esplanade)190202261
    DBL Premium Plus (Wing Esplanade)156165187
    SGL Premium Plus (Wing Esplanade)203214281
    DBL Comfort Suite (Wing Esplanade)165174196
    SGL Comfort Suite (Wing Esplanade)214226294
    DBL Superior Suite (Wing Esplanade)174183205
    SGL Superior Suite (Wing Esplanade)226238308
    DBL Premium Suite (Wing Esplanade)183192214
    SGL Premium Suite (Wing Esplanade)238249321
    DBL Presidential Suite (Wing Esplanade)253262284
    SGL Presidential Suite (Wing Esplanade)328340426
    Extra Bed (Wing Esplanade)129135149
    DBL Standard (Wing Palace)127133147
    SGL Standard (Wing Palace)165173220
    DBL Superior (Wing Palace)136144160
    SGL Superior (Wing Palace)177187240
    DBL Junior Suite (Wing Palace)158165187
    SGL Junior Suite (Wing Palace)205214281
    Extra Bed (Wing Palace)127133147

Early booking bonus 10% - valid till 28.02.2019
Book your Spa stay for 2019 now and get the Early booking bonus up to 10 %!
Early booking bonus cannot be combined with any other offer!


2019Low seasonMid seasonHigh season
Prices in Euro per person per night13.01.2019-02.03.2019; 03.11.2019-27.12.201903.03.2019-13.04.2019; 29.09.2019-02.11.201914.04.2019-28.09.2019; 28.12.2019-11.01.2020
DBL Comfort (Wing Esplanade)133139153
SGL Comfort (Wing Esplanade)172181229
DBL Premium (Wing Esplanade)151160179
SGL Premium (Wing Esplanade)196208268
DBL Superior plus (Wing Esplanade)151160179
SGL Superior plus (Wing Esplanade)196208268
DBL Premium Plus (Wing Esplanade)160169193
SGL Premium Plus (Wing Esplanade)208220289
DBL Comfort Suite (Wing Esplanade)169179202
SGL Comfort Suite (Wing Esplanade)220232303
DBL Superior Suite (Wing Esplanade)179188211
SGL Superior Suite (Wing Esplanade)232244316
DBL Premium Suite (Wing Esplanade)188197220
SGL Premium Suite (Wing Esplanade)244256330
DBL Presidential Suite (Wing Esplanade)253262285
SGL Presidential Suite (Wing Esplanade)328340427
Extra Bed (Wing Esplanade)133139153
DBL Standard (Wing Palace)129135149
SGL Standard (Wing Palace)168176224
DBL Superior (Wing Palace)138146163
SGL Superior (Wing Palace)180190245
DBL Junior Suite (Wing Palace)160168191
SGL Junior Suite (Wing Palace)208218286
Extra Bed (Wing Palace)129135149

Christmas Eve surcharge € 35,00 per person

New Year’s Eve surcharge € 95,00 per person

All prices in Euro per person per night

Discount for long term spa stays: 21 nights - discount 5%; 28 nights - discount 7% (year round)

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Health Spa Resort Thermia Palace *****

Slovakia, Piešťany
from 2,197.00 EUR Person/13 night(s)
  • WiFi
  • Restaurant
  • Function rooms
  • Fitness room
  • Wellness services
  • Massage
from 2,197.00 EUR Person/13 night(s)

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Health Spa Resort Esplanade ****

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Room reservation: +421 33 775 5999
Fax: +421 33 775 5199

Address:  Kúpeľný ostrov, 921 29 Piešťany, Slovakia View map View map

Room reservation

+421 33 775 5999

 Kúpeľný ostrov, 921 29 Piešťany, Slovakia View map

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