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Opening of the Spa Season 2014

Opening of the Spa Season 2014

Last weekend began the 206th spa season of one of the Czech Republic’s most famous spa towns Mariánské Lázně. In this beautiful West Boemian town, the opeining of the spa season is a tradition that takes place on the second weekend in May. Just as in every year, the celebrations take place from Friday to Sunday (9 to 11th May 2014).

During these celebrations visitors could visit an Old Bohemian Market on the Colonnade where entertainment and culture programs also took place. People listened to brass bands, choirs singing and top quality jazz bands.  On Saturday evening, in the Arnika area, a rock concert took place that included: Babahed, Circus Ponorka, Imodium and more. During the weekend  on the Colonnade various dance and sports groups, majorettes and female gymnasts also performed.

The Mariánské Lázně Town Museum had for the new spa season a very interesting exhibition of glass objects and interesting items on view that are usually kept in storage and known as the Secrets of the Depository.  On Sunday, the Park Boheminium had on show for the first time  a model of the Castle Bečov.

For lovers of classical music, the West Bohemia Symphony Orchestra played its traditional opening festive concert under the conductor, Martin Peschík, pieces by Dvořák. The soloist was none other than the world famous Czech violinist, Václav Hudeček.

The main opening program took place on Saturday. The Holy Mass was officiated by J. M. Filip Zdeněk Lobkowitz O. Praem, Abbot of Teplá. The Blessing of the Springs took place at Cross Spring (Křížový pramen)  where the 206th Spa Season was opened and the honorable guests of the festive occasion were welcomed by the Town Mayor, Zdeněk Král and the General Manager of the company Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s. Ing. Lev Novobilský.

More than 400 guests of the town and the company Léčebné lázně were guests at a special lunch held in the Conference Hall Casino.  The guests included,  representatives of partner towns  Great Malvern (GB), Bad Homburg, Weiden (Germany), Nižnij Tagili (Russia)and famous personalities such as Prince Alexander Galitzine, the writer Vladimír Páral, the actress and singer Světlana Nálepková and others.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Butterfly **** celebrates 20 years

The Danubius Health Spa Resort Butterfly organized an evening program to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. All important partners of the company Léčebné lázně were invited to celebrate this milestone event.  The birthday party was conducted in something of a  French spirit. The preparation of the evening buffet was brought about with the cooperation of the team of chefs from the hotel Butterfly and other professionals from Prague restaurants including, La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise.  Guests were able taste fresh oysters, duck liver pate, top class French & Moravian wines as well as other specialities.

The hotel now offers all guests and visitors a new present, a brand new direct outlet of Ferdinand Spring in the hotel lobby. It was unveiled by Ing. Lev Novobilský, general manager of the company, Ing. Patricie Irlveková, marketing manager of the company and  Petr Zich, manager of the Hotel Butterfly.

The whole evening’s entertainment was supported by the group Concordia Band. A spectacle for the ladies during the night was the  Gentleman Show presented by the duo Deamen. Zdeněk Moravec and Petr Horníček are world famous acrobats who won the competition „Czech-Slovakia Has Talent“ and represented the Czech Republic in Las Vegas.

The entertainment for men on the evening was a professional troupe of Can-can dancers. The big success of the night was the recital by the singer and musical actress Radka Fišarové, who is rightly considered the „Czech Edith Piaf“. The unforgettable sound of Piaf was recreated by such songs as  Milord, Paris, Paris and  Non, je ne regrette rien.

The twenty candles on the three tier birthday cake were blown out by  management representatives of the company. Those feeling brave could play roulette in an area created to represent a French cafe where the winners received vouchers allowing them to compete in an auction for the chance to receive  special services within all 8 hotels of the company Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s.

The unveiling of the statues of British King Edward VII and the Austrian Emperor  Franz Josef I.

On Sunday 11th May 2014 statues of the British King Edward VII and the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I were unveiled. They were the two most signifcant visitors in Mariánské Lázně‘s history. This unveiling occured on the 110th anniversary of a meeting that took place between  the monarchs  in August 1904. These works of art come from the workshop of the Mariánské Lázně patriot Academic Sculptor Vítězslav Eibl.

The unveiling was done in the presence of Archduke  Jiří Habsbursk-Lotrinský and Prince Alexandr Galitzin, and an introduction was given by the Town Mayor of Mariánské Lázně, Zdeněk Král.    

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