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PRESS INFORMATION 2014 - The company Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s.

Léčebné Lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s. is the third biggest company offering spa care and hotel services in the Czech Republic. It is a member of the Danubius Hotels Group – one of the biggest hotel chains in Europe with spa hotels in Hungary, Great Britain, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s. is a certified spa company with a long held tradition and a highly qualified and experienced professional medical team. The company has contracts with Czech as well as German insurance companies. The company is certified by the German certificate TÜV (since 2007), the Europespa MED® (since 2011) and the Czech Medispa (since 2009) which is proof of our reputation and also a guarantee of high quality spa care and services. These certificates are regularly retained.

The company Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s. is the only company that continues the rich tradition of spa care in Mariánské Lázně. All hotels of the company offer treatments using natural healing resources and all ‘under one roof’ and all the company’s individual hotels have their own team of doctors and healthcare workers. In their everyday operation, the hotels predominantly use natural healing resources in treatments – mineral springs, unique natural gas CO2 and peloids (mud, peat).

In Mariánské Lázně, the company operates a total of 9 spa hotels (in 3, 4 and 5 star categories) containing a total of 918 rooms accommodating 1681 beds.
Marienbad Health Spa Resort – the biggest historical spa complex in Central Europe, was created by physically connecting the 3 largest and oldest spa hotels in the town:

Other Danubius Health Spa Resorts are:

Other members of the Danubius Hotels Group:  

All guests are offered a wide choice of services: large number of various baths, healing and relaxation treatments in an area covering 20.000 m2, newly built restaurants, coffee bars and programs for the young and old alike.

Treatment and wellness in Mariánské Lázně

Mariánské Lázně is above all, best known for a variety of healing attributes such as clean air and excellent climatic conditions, more than 40 mineral springs, local peloids and volcanic gas. Thanks to the unique content of the local healing sources, it is possible to use them widely within in balneology and drinking treatments applied to the various needs of guests. The foundations of this classical spa program, which is offered by all the company’s hotels, mineral baths, dry gas baths, gas injections and peloids, all combined with effective rehabilitation and  physiotherapy.     

Spa care is oriented towards locomotive system disorders, kidney and urinary tract ailments, respiratory tract ailments, digestive system diseases and gynaecological, oncological and metabolic ailments.
We are the only company in Mariánské Lázně that offers children’s treatments and they can be accessed in Danubius Health Spa Resort Centrální Lázně****.

A guarantee of medical care professionalism is highlighted by our long-standing cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University.

In keeping with the newest trends, the company Léčebné lázně Mariánské lázně a.s. has now added to its traditional spa treatments, new wellness programs aimed at the balance between the body and one’s psychological condition combined with beauty programs aimed to achieve healthy skin and a slender figure. These programs predominantly use natural healing sources, together with our in-house cosmetic products Marienbad Cosmetics. To meet the high expectations of ´21st century guests´, the company Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s. follows the latest trends in this field, regularly expanding its selection of services and introducing new therapeutic methods and treatments including, gastroentorological examinations and treatments, eye examination, detoxification procedures, anti-aging programs and co-operation with a specialised hospital for one day surgery procedures.

Conference and leisure time
Some of our hotels have available, professional facilities and technical equipment appropriate for conferences, firm events and training etc. As a matter of course, we also provided refreshments or can arrange specific accompanying programs where required. Larger conferences and prestigious events have been hosted in the unique historic areas of the Cultural Centre Casino (built 1901), which offers a capacity of up to 600 - 800 people. In April 2009, on the occasion of the Czech Chairmanship of the European Union, an official EU summit was held there. Of course, our hotels also offer areas for smaller groups events, company programs, training courses and even family celebrations.    
The company’s hotels, as well as the town of Mariánské Lázně and its surroundings, also offer a variety of leisure time and sport activities. The Municipal Museum helps visitors to look back on the era when Mariánské Lázně was founded. The medieval Loket Castle, the spa town of Karlovy Vary, the Kladská Nature Reserve, the once summer château of the Prince Metternich or the Pilsner brewery are just a few of the many trip destinations available. Lovers of fresh air can enjoy numerous walks in English style parks and local Czech forests. Mariánské Lázně is proud of having the oldest golf course in the Czech Republic with the title ‘Royal Golf Club’. The town also offers tennis courts, a ski slope with a lift and a cable-car, winter stadium, riding hall, marked paths for Nordic walking and an indoor swimming pool. In the hotel Centrální Lázně ****, guests can use the services of the Danubius Premier Fitness Centre with its professional trainers and modern equipment housed in the Techno Gym.
The entertainment options in town include visits to concerts of the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra, the Municipal theatre or one can visit the local cinema that includes 3D projection capabilities.  

We are happy to be able to highlight for you the high quality of our services and are looking forward to your visitt.

LÉČEBNÉ LÁZNĚ MARIÁNSKÉ LÁZNĚ a.s., Masarykova 22, 353 29 Mariánské Lázně
Tel.: +420 / 354 655 501-9, Fax: +420 / 354 655 500, E-Mail:

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