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The renovated pavilion at the Spa Hotel Pro Patria brings three star comfort

The renovated pavilion at the Spa Hotel Pro Patria brings three star comfort

Piešťany, 30th March, 2015 – Spa Piešťany has belonged to the leading European spa for more than 100 years for its treatment of musculoskeletal diseases associated with pain of e.g. back or joints, rheumatism and nervous system. The unique natural resources, the healing sulphur mud and the thermal mineral water, are famous thanks to their beneficial effects on human health not only in Slovakia, but also all over the world.

In order to increase the quality of services and satisfaction of guests, the Spa gradually invest in renovation and modernisation of the accommodation facilities.

The extensive reconstruction of the pavilion J at the Spa Hotel Pro Patria** will run from 11th March to 30th June 2015 and only perimeter walls from the original construction will remain. The reconstructed area is 670 m2 of the useful area. In the framework of the reconstruction, the pavilion will receive a completely new layout and furnishings.  

The pavilion J will have three floors with lift and will provide accommodation for guests in a three-star standard. The accommodation capacity of the Spa hotel will be extended by 14 double rooms.  

Since it is a separate pavilion, the reconstruction will not anyhow affect operation of the Spa Hotel Pro Patria**.

During the approval process, as well as during the implementation as such, the Slovak Health Spa Piešťany, Inc. respect all legal requirements, requirements of the building authority, as well as requirements of the Monuments Board in Trnava.

„We believe that the guest will positively response to the modernisation and improving of the quality of accommodation in the Spa Hotel Pro Patria** . Satisfaction of our guests is most important for us. I am very glad that thanks to this investment our guests will be able to better enjoy their stay in the Spa Piešťany and have better comfort.“, said Ing. Viliam Mikuláš, the Financial Director of the Slovak Health Spa Piešťany a.s.

Spa Piešťany, health and relax for everybody!  

The nature and essence of the Spa Piešťany, proved by several generations, is characterised by the inseparable symbol of the Spa, the famous statute of the Crutch breaker. After completion of the treatment, the crutch, the aid for a person with weakened health, usually become unnecessary. The man is again full of power, health and well-being.

Slovenské liečebné kúpele Piešťany a.s., Winterova 29, Piešťany 921 29
Tel.: (+421) 33 775 2513 ● E-mail:

Picture: Sample room at the Spa Hotel Pro Patria sets a new standard of accommodation in the pavilion after reconstruction.

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