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Construction works continue

Construction works continue

Construction works are making rapid progress.
Piešťany, 17. 02. 2014

Reconstruction of Danubius Health Spa Balnea at Health Spa Piešťany is progressing as originally planned. Management of Health Spa Piešťany confirmed that the most modern balneotherapy centre in central Europe will be opened in time at the beginning of April 2014. 

Since 1 November 2013, the mud department, mirror pool and rehabilitation centre of Danubius Health Spa Balnea at Spa Piešťany undergoes an extensive reconstruction. The reconstruction will cost approximately 9 million EUR, which makes it the biggest investment of Health Spa Piešťany in the last 8 years. 

The Technical department director Mr Ivan Satina is convinced that the reconstruction will be finished in time at the end of March 2014. “We are progressing as planned at the moment and thanks to the good weather some construction works were finished earlier than planned," he says with satisfaction. Together with the architects Mr Tursunov and Mr Rajnic and the project manager Mr Liška, Mr Satina keeps an eye on the compliance with the plans. In the meantime, the designer Mrs Gina Zarski fine-tunes the interior design plan.

The medical director of Spa Piešťany Mr Rastislav Gašpar together with his 250-strong team eagerly awaits the opening of the centre. One of the challenges is to move the doctors to their new premises in the Danubius Health Spa Balnea. Due to the reconstruction and increase of capacities, the workflows have to be re-defined. The medical director is particularly pleased that the thermal water pools will be split into sections with hot water and cooler water. Patients, who could not use the mirror pool due to the high temperature of water, can be now successfully treated. The rehabilitation centre will use the most advanced medical methods, including a small kitchen and a car, for the rehabilitating patients to practise and improve everyday life skills. The advanced rehabilitation equipment supports the rehabilitation of knees, shoulders and joints in rheumatic disorders and in post-operative patients. 

According to Mr Gašpar, new application programmes will be implemented, so that also medical preventive care is included in the offer: the radial shock wave therapy helps patients with pain to restore their mobility; the vacuum compression therapy is used especially to improve the blood circulation, to strengthen the muscle tissue and relieve leg pain.

The area of the fitness centre will increase to 300 m2 with indoor swimming pool and its own rehabilitation pool and sauna. Changing rooms for ambulant guests will be built in this area in the future.

Join us in our excitement about the opening and operation of the most modern spa centre in Slovakia as of April 2014. 

Slovak Health Spa Piešťany – Health and relax for everyone
Slovak Health Spa Piešťany with its 200-year long tradition belong to the leading European spas in treating rheumatism, rehabilitation of locomotive apparatus and nervous system. Under usage of the natural healing resources – unique sulphur mud and thermal mineral water the joint inflammation will be reduced and capability will be improved. Medical treatments helps to strengthen the immune system, to regenerate injured cartilage and slows down the degenerative process of joints. Experienced physicians prescribe individual curative program based on health condition of the client.

Slovak Health Spa Piešťany, Winterova 29, Piešťany 921 29, Slovakia
Tel.: (+421) 33 775 25 13 ● E-mail:



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