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Revived Balneotherapy Pro Patria brings extended offer of treatments

Revived Balneotherapy Pro Patria brings extended offer of treatments

- Revived Balneotherapy Pro Patria brings extended offer of treatments -

Piešťany, 3. August 2013 - The spa treatment has more than a 200-year-old tradition in Piešťany and is based on exploitation of thermal mineral water and unique sulphur mud in connection with long-year practice and knowledge of medical personnel concerning rheumatism and locomotor disorders. In present time, they offer more than 60 types of medical procedures, among which the most favourite are the thermal mineral bath (mirror pool) and mud bath (mud pool). Health Spa Piešťany keeps investing into renovation and modernization of its premises for procedure realization in order to rise the services quality and guest satisfaction.

In the period from 1st of may till 31st of July there was a reconstruction of balneotherapy going on in Spa Hotel Pro Patria**. Building alterations, modifications of the water and electricity fittings, renovation of wall tiles and flooring, plastering, installation of roof windows with electric control required a total investment of 369,000 Euros.

The most important element of the project was the modification of mirror pool from originally designed for both genders to separated parts for men and women, which was realized by installation of glass wall. The premises got a fresh image with the help of new wall tiles design and flooring with slip resistance surface.

The mud pool got a new look thanks to plastering and the whole area got illuminated with installation of new roof windows in the cupola. Stainless steel handrails were installed to secure safer entry and movement of guests. New showers were joined to the mud pool both for men and women and a new space was created for a treatment called peloidokineziotherapy - specialised for hand exercises in healing mud.

Renovation and wall plastering were realized in traditional mud kitchen and an inovated distribution of healing mud was provided in the mud pack section for both men and women side. An interesting fact is that the mud kitchen in Balneotherapy Pro Patria operates on the basis of original and well-established technological methods since 1916 and these principles remained unchanged also during its reconstruction.

A complete modification of water distribution system was made in the bathtub ward and new massage bathtubs were installed, what extended the treatments offer. The Health Spa Piešťany visitors can now use the hydromassage, underwater jet massage and a whirpool also in Balneotherapy Pro Patria.

“We believe, that the modernization and improved quality of services in Balneotherapy Pro Patria will gain a positive response from guests, contribute to their overall satisfaction and have a favourable effect on the treatment success“, said Soňa Zábranská, the manager of Spa policlinics.

The opening ceremony with a site tour of the reconstructed facility and accompanying program at VIVO terrace will take place on Wednesday, the 14th of August, 2013.

Do you know what is a mirror pool?

It is the name that was given to a pool with thermal water in Spa Piešťany, which reflects such clear image, that it feels like watching into a mirror. On the other side, mud pool contains thermal water of grey color coming from the mud at its bottom. The stay in pools and especially in mud pool characterised by its slimy consistence of mud, evokes indescribably pleasant feelings besides having healing effects.

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Health Spa Piešťany, Inc.
Winterova 29, 921 29 Piešťany, Slovakia

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