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Spa Piešťany -

Spa Piešťany - "Health and relaxation for everyone”

Dear friends,

You have certainly experience with how much we love our cars. At least once a year we take them to a garage to let them inspect thoroughly, we regularly clean them and buy for them more or less useful accessories. This is because we know that thanks to a proper care and early intervention in case of a technical problem the car can reliably serve us for a long time and without loosing its value. Many of us, however, do not have such an attitude toward our own health. We are not willing to invest into something that is not reimbursed by the health insurance companies.

Unhealthy lifestyle, too much technology in the world starting with comfortable means of transport, equipment to facilitate any manual work, elevators, escalators and ubiquitous electronic entertainment leave us less and less room for physical exercise. Research shows that many children cannot even walk backwards without falling – so poorly are their motor skills developed.

If we add to it the unhealthy nutrition, stress and hustle and bustle we will come to a conclusion that it all has such an impact upon our health as the salt and rust has on the body of our car. Therefore, if we want to maintain good health and increase quality of our life for a long period, we have to develop our personal initiative – responsibly live a healthy life, but also take care of prevention even though that its coverage on the part the health insurance companies is decreasing.

For all those who would like to do something for their health “on their own”, i.e. without prescriptions and vouchers from the health insurance company, spa and spa facilities in Slovakia and abroad provide their services. In contrast to the rapidly growing market of wellness stays, you can find there relax, comprehensive professional medical and physiotherapeutic care.

For example, the spa stays can help people with musculoskeletal problems and rheumatism with managing their problems and can contribute to a long-term stabilisation of their health. During their stay in the spa, such clients discover joy from their exercises and get healthy eating habits.

Hans Dieter Bergmann
Sales & Marketing Director
Slovak Health Spa Piešťany, Inc.

Spa Piešťany - "Health and relaxation for everyone”

For over 200 years, Slovak Health Spa Piešťany has been one of Europe’s top spas for the treatment of rheumatism, the rehabilitation of locomotive organs and the nervous system. Unique natural resources such as its healing sulphuric mud and thermal mineral water are famous for their beneficial effects in Slovakia as well as around the world. With the use of specialized treatments and under the supervision of top medical experts, they reduce joints inflammation and restore their mobility. They strengthen the immune system, regenerate damaged cartilage and slow down the degenerative process of joints. Specialized and experienced doctors draw up an optimal treatment program for each guest of Piešťany Health Spa on an individual basis. Currently, Health Spa Piešťany is also popular for its special therapeutic effect on post-traumatic conditions.

Spa Piešťany confirmed the high quality of its services

The European Spas Association (ESPA) represents interests of over 1200 spa cities in Europe. The European mark of quality in spa industry is particularly important for better orientation of foreign clients because in each country exist different requirements on hygiene, safety and infrastructure. Since 2006, common evaluation criteria for obtaining of the EuropeSpa Med certificate are applied on the whole European continent.

Spa Piešťany belong among the biggest providers of spa services in Europe and in 2011 they decided to undergo this extensive inspection. Experts from ESPA examined more than 1000 points in catering, accommodation, spa treatments, swimming pools, human resources and management. It turned out that the Hotel Thermia Palace is one of the best European spa service providers.

On 7th February 2013, Spa Piešťany passed inspection audit during which the ESPA auditors again recorded improvement in quality of provided services. Spa Piešťany again confirmed their traditionally high level of quality and good motivation of employees. „If this goes on, Spa Piešťany are on the best way to become leaders in the quality in Europe”, stated Dr. Kurt von Storch, EuropeSpa chief auditor.

Mrs. Urbanková, Quality Manager of the Spa Piešťany: „Audit of EuropeSpa is one of the most detailed tests of quality in which I participated so far. It moved us closer to our objective to become the leader in the international market.“

New in the Price list 2013: Senior Active Week

A novelty that was included in the Price list of the Slovak Health Spa Piešťany for 2013 and will be valid from 7 April 2013 until 5 April 2014 is a stay called Senior Active Week. This spa stay is valid for two seniors for regeneration of their bodies for a period of 1 week. The stay includes accommodation with half-board, medical and health examinations, up to 12 therapeutic treatments a week. The programme also includes 4 x weekly active rehabilitation as a group exercise or fitness training with a fitness trainer. The price starts from 33 EUR per person per night.

Spa Piešťany has its own cosmetic brand

Spa Piešťany as the first Slovak Spa ever that has developed an original line of cosmetics called Sulthera and launched it on the market. The soap, body lotion and creams use all positive effects of the world-famous Piešťany mud and water.

Its fundamental component is the most effective part of the mud – sulphur. The cosmetic products Sulthera are intended for adults, women and men and also for all skin types. The optimum concentration of minerals supported by the therapeutic effects of sulphur has a beneficial effect on the skin and increases its resistance to inflammation and negative external influences.

The Sulthera cosmetics consists of a day and night cream, soap and body lotion Creams are suitable for all types of skin. Their unique formulation has an intensive regenerative effect; it penetrates deep into the skin, has a soothing effect and prevents from wrinkles.

Sulhtera body lotion is designed to serve the perfect skin regeneration after spa treatment, especially if clients have dry skin. „With regular skin care using the body lotion it is possible to achieve significant improvement of the skin, its softness and elasticity,“ says Ms. Zábranská (Spa Manager).

The luxurious natural soap Sulthera also retains all therapeutical effects of the Piešťany sulphur mud. The rich sulphuruous content stimulates the skin, considerably reduces inflammation of the skin, does not dry it and has a healing effect.
Prospective buyers can buy Sulthera products at all spa and hotel receptions at the Spa Island.

Significant events in Health Spa Piešťany in 2013

February   2013 Carnival Ball in hotel Thermia Palace***** (8.2.2013)
    Magic of Orient (23.2.2013)
March 2013   Egg hunting (31.3.2013) and Easter program
May 2013   Opening of Promenade Concerts Season (1.5.2013)
    Traditional Art Craft (17.-19.5.2013)
June 2013   International children´s day (1.6.2013)
    Opening of Summer Spa Season (1.6.2013)
    Golden Ribbons – traditional vintage cars meeting (6.-10.6.2013)
    58th Piešťany Festival
July 2013   Concert evenings with Peter Dvorský (9.-18.7.2013)
August 2013   Toccata Art – exhibition of young artists (11.-17.8.2013)
September 2013   Victoria Regia (19.-22.9.2013)
October 2013   Balneology days
    Arthritis & Osteoporosis Week (12.-20.10.2013)
    Hunting Festival
December 2013   Advent and Christmas program

Spa Piešťany invests into comfort

Spa Piešťany constantly takes care for comfort and satisfaction of its clients. In autumn last year, Spa Piešťany increased the comfort of accommodation for clients of the Hotel Balnea Palace. Reconstruction and modernisation of rooms in Balnea Palace started on 28 October and lasted until 14 December 2012. New air conditioners were installed in all rooms, which will increase the comfort of the clients during their stay over the whole year. The planned investment is worth approximately 700 thousand EUR.

Hans Dieter Bergmann, the Sales & Marketing Director of the Health Spa Piešťany: „Satisfaction of our clients is the priority for us. I am very happy that thanks to this investment our clients can even more enjoy their stay in Spa Piešťany and afford more comfort.“

Spa Piešťany in figures

In 2012, the number of visitors in the Slovak Health Spa, Inc. reached approximately 45,000 people and the total number of nights increased up to 480,000. Compared to 2011, in 2012 we recorded an increase. Our guests were mostly from the Slovak Republic (up to 41 %, out of which 21 % through health insurance companies), Germany, Israel, Arabic countries, the Czech Republic, Russia, Austria and Poland. The average length of stay in SLKP was 10.5 nights in 2012. The total number of beds in Spa Piešťany is 1,111.


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