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„About stress with relaxation”

„About stress with relaxation”


Bucharest, 15th March 2014.
The company Balneoclimaterica S.A. is going to announce the opening of the Danubius Health Spa Resort Bradet Sovata in summer of this year at the event called „About stress with relaxation” to be organized at Romexpo, Bălcescu room between the hours 11.00 and 13.30.
During the event we will discuss the causes and effects of stress upon our life, respectively the role of corporal therapy in stress management. The Danubius Health Spa Bradet Hotel is one of those few hotels in Romania offering antistress touristic packages (integrated body & mind therapy) for restoring physical and psychic balance. The antistress packages complete the wellness, prevention services or balneoclimateric therapies offered by the Danubius Hotel Group.
There will be present journalists, tourism bloggers, representatives of some partner corporations and tourism agencies together with the representatives of the company: Mr. Nagy Janos Fulop, General Manager of the Balneoclimaterica S.A., dr. Suzana Pretorian, Medical Director of Danubius Health Spa, Andrei Rusu, Chief Operating Officer and  Erik Szoboszlai, Marketing and Sales Manager of the Danubius Hotels Group.
After the finalization of the recovery in June of this year the Hotel Danubius Health Spa Bradet will be classified as a superior 4* hotel. The value of the investments exceeds seven million euros.
Details of the Danubius Sovata antistress program
The program is made up of 3 components: relaxation, adaptation to effort, antistress counseling coordinated by an expert (psychologist). It includes: medical examination, 2 antistress counseling sessions by a psychologist (optional), 13 procedures (e.g. medical massage, underwater massage, magnetotherapy, galvanic baths/4 cellular, oxygen therapy, respiratory exercises, electrotherapy, partial sludge package treatment, individual gymnastics, relaxing baths  with essential plants or oils, autogenic training, etc.).
Remark: the antistress counseling is a counseling discussion and not a psychotherapy. It is not recommended for persons suffering from major stress or psychiatric problems.
Details of hotel renovation and investment
The net value of the investment: 7. 350,000 euros. The renovation will be carried out in two stages: 1st phase: 2,500,000 euros and 2nd phase: 4,850,000 euros.

Andrada Crangus
Marketing and communication counselor in tourism

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