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Cosmetics products

Danubius Health Spa & Thermal Products

Cosmetics products

Cosmetics products

Conjure up a real spa atmosphere in your home with our own-brand Danubius Health Spa cosmetic products.

We offer Danubius Health Spa cosmetic products for home beauty care. These products, which contain valuable minerals, can be used as a supplement to our medical spa treatments in order to prolong the effects of the treatment, and for skincare purposes.

Health protection and pampering skin care! A range of products made for all skin types with special Bük thermal water extract, pure plant oils and other natural substances with skin care properties.


While bathing, the mineral salts and trace elements stimulate cellular metabolism, relieve stress and help relax, effectively cleansing and conditioning the skin. Based upon hundreds of years of experience, both traditional medicine and naturopathy recommend it for the treatment of locomotor diseases, articular conditions and certain gynaecological complaints.

Application: Pour the contents of a sachet into the bathwater. It is recommended to bathe in body temperature water for 15-20 minutes followed by relaxation. Also suitable for use in hydro massage and Jacuzzi baths.


The body lotion contains a unique thermal water concentrate and Aloe vera extract. It prevens the skin from drying out with its softening and soothing effect. Its almond oil extract makes the skin soft and silky smooth. Apart from its superb hydrating effect and thanks ti its Vitamin E and mineral content it stimulates metabolism and mitigates the harmful effects of chlorine bathwater. It is perfect for treating psoriasis affected skin surfaces and is absorbed into the deeper skin layers. Suitable for all skin types.


Cleansing and massaging the skin with finely ground salt stimulates circulation and helps clean the skin, removing dead skin cells.

Application: Gently rub the product into the skin while showering without applying it on facial skin. In order to achieve the desired effect, avoid using soap or shower gel.

The Hévíz medicinal mud products enable you to experience the curative powers of the Hévíz thermal water in your own home.

Danubius Care Collection Hévízi gyógyiszapos fürdőbombaMEDICINAL MUD BATH MELT FROM HÉVÍZ

This bath melt can ease rheumatic pain, assist the body’s beautifying and regenerative processes, and even treat certain gynecological problems. It contains sodium bicarbonate, which helps to detoxyfy the body by neutralizing potent acids generated by bacteria. The combined effect of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid helps regulate the skin’s pH value.

Application: dissolve 1 bath ball in bath water.

Danubius Care Collection Hévízi gyógyiszapos szappanMEDICINAL MUD SOAP FROM HÉVÍZ - COLD-PRESSED HERBAL SOAP

This fine soap – made of natural peat mud – restores the skin’s resilience and vitality. It is perfect for use on both face and body when bathing or showering, and is so gentle that it can be applied several times a day.
The soap is particularly effective in cleansing and calming inflamed skin, and for the treatment of pimples and other conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema. It can also help to stimulate pale and keratinized skin.

Application: For maximum benefits, leave the foam to dry on the skin for a few minutes. The soap might have a slight dehydrating effect so apply a neutral hydrating cream if necessary after use. Not to be used on damaged skin!

Danubius Care Collection Hévízi gyógyiszapos fürdősóBATH SALT WITH MEDICINAL MUD FROM HÉVÍZ

This product blends sea salt and dried mud from Hévíz, and is recommended for easing chronic, inflamed joints and for the treatment
of rheumatic symptoms. It also has a beneficial effect on gynecological inflammations, disrupted periods, circulatory problems and hypertonia.

Application: Dissolve 2–3 tablespoons of salt in pleasantly warm bath water.

Danubius Care Collection Hévízi gyógyiszapos tőzegiszapWELLNESS PEAT MUD FROM HÉVÍZ

Peat moor mud was formed from ancient vegetation that lay on the former bed of Lake Hévíz. The wide range of organic materials contained in the mud increase its purging effects and regenerative properties.
It promotes the production of collagen and is thus suitable for treatments that have a face-lifting, slimming and immune-strengthening impact. It contains no allergenic substances.

Application: Suitable for use both at room temperature or if heated to a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius (although note that the jar should not be heated). Apply a thin layer of mud to the surface to be treated, then cover with plastic wrap and a warm blanket. After 20–30 minutes, wash with clean water (without any soap or shower gel). Only for use on healthy skin and must not be applied to the face. Use as a cure for 3 weeks at the most.

Our linden products are a perfect supplement to our range of Hévíz medicinal mud products, since they offset the slight dehydrating effect of the mud. However, these cosmetics can of course also be used separately for everyday skin care.

Danubius Care Collection Éden hárs illatú fürdőbombaHEAVENLY LINDEN-SCENTED BATH MELT

The bath melt’s natural citric acid dissolves and removes dead skin, thus refreshing and regenerating the outer skin layers. It cleanses deeply, preventing the spread of bacteria, while its plant-based active agents nourish and soften the skin. The sodium bicarbonate contained in the bath melt is a natural alkalizing agent, which neutralizes the potent acids generated by bacteria and thereby eliminates odours and restores the skin’s ideal pH value. A perfect detoxifying agent.

Application: Dissolve 1 bath melt in bath water.

Danubius Care Collection Édeni hársnektár szappanHEAVENLY LINDEN SOAP WITH HONEY AND TURMERIC

This skin-caring soap – suitable for those with sensitive skin – can be used on both face and body. The soap’s cold-pressed oil content won’t irritate the skin and gently removes the daily build-up of dirt. Apart from its cleansing effect, the soap’s pleasant linden fragrance ensures a special experience. Its plant-based active ingredients prevent dehydration and can help dry, irritated skin.

Danubius Care Collection Édeni hársnektár testvajHEAVENLY LINDEN BODY BUTTER

This body butter compensates for the drying effect of bathing and is recommended for hydrating the body throughout the year. Its valuable plant oils help to regenerate the skin, preventing signs of ageing and making it feel silky smooth.

Application: Gently massage a walnut-sized piece of butter into the skin. The butter melts from the heat of the body and is fully absorbed by the skin.

Danubius Care Collection Édeni hársnektár testápolóHEAVENLY LINDEN BODY LOTION

Recommended for the daily care of normal, dry and sensitive skin. The skin quickly absorbs the lotion, whilst the lotion’s pleasant fragrance and texture create a sense of well-being throughout the day. The lotion is best used after cleansing with linden soap.

Danubius Care Collection Édeni hársnektár kézkrémHEAVENLY LINDEN HAND CREAM

A pampering hand cream, which is quickly absorbed and helps in the regeneration of dry, dehydrated skin. The cream’s plant-based ingredients have a pronounced antioxidant effect and protect the skin from drying out. The hand cream is especially recommended for use in cold, windy weather or after activities which require regular hand-washing.


Citrus Dew Sauna Oil (with a light-floral citrus scent) - Respiratory Relief Sauna Oil
(with a strong, camphoraceous scent)

In a dry and warm sauna, the essential oils mainly affect the respiratory tracts, nervous system and the emotions, whilst in a steam bath - where the sauna oils can also be used - the essential oil steam settling on the skin has a beneficial effect on the epidermis and the subepidermal tissues.

Danubius Health Spa products can be purchased at the spa desks of each of the Danubius Hotels in Hungary listed below. For further details and prices, please contact the hotels directly:



The products of MARIENBAD COSMETICS draw their power from the medicinal sources of Marianske Lazně, where nature has been storing its energy for thousands of years. When processing these products, traditional proven methods of regeneration known from spa activities, were used.
At the same time the requirements of modern cosmetics have been considered.


SULTHERA® COSMETICS - New cosmetics line by Spa Piešťany


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