Employee of the Month – Teresa Chodacka

Here at the Danubius Hotel Regents Park we care about our team and we take time to celebrate important individual milestones.

That is why every month our staff nominates an employee of the month to be rewarded for following the Danubius values and for providing excellent customer service.

Last month we talked about Daniel, who was our employee of the month for September. You can read his story here.

This month we have the pleasure to introduce you to Teresa Chodacka, our Employee of the Month for October 2017.

Here is her story:

After running a family business for her whole life, Teresa decided to relocate to London three years back. Today she is admired not only by the housekeeping team but by the entire Danubius Hotel because of her ever-present ‘can do’ attitude and glorious smile.
Teresa has always been passionate about volunteering in old age homes and is currently working on her English in order to be able to volunteer in London. She is also a movie enthusiast and thoroughly enjoys watching Turkish films!
Teresa is our ‘Employee of the Month’ for October. Well done and keep up the good work!!


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