Hungarian Recipes – Duck Breast Confit

A delicious, juicy duck breast is truly worth the time it takes to prepare! Don’t be intimidated by the trendy-sounding name: the word “confit” refers to a time-honoured food preservation technique in which meat is cooked at length in fat, a process that helps preserve the meat’s original flavour, while leaving it perfectly tender and juicy. And don’t worry: though the fat prevents the meat from becoming too dry, the dish itself is not actually fatty!


  • 400 g duck breast
  • 1 kg duck fat
  • salt, pepperIf possible, the breast’s own fat should be used. Season the meat with salt and pepper, then place it in a pan and cover the meat in fat. Allow to cook slowly at constant temperature (about 70 degrees) for three hours. Remove, place in a frying pan with a small amount of the grease, and brown on both sides. Serve with spaghetti and vegetables, braised cabbage, braised fruit, pumpkin purée, or beets.
    Tip: The same process can be used to prepare duck leg, goose, or even pork.


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