Outstanding breakfast in Budapest

Have breakfast like a king! – we say often, however we can only keep our well-known wisdom during our less busier days, can’t we? During long weekends, family vacations, sightseeing or romantic holidays, we have more time to enjoy a long, lovely breakfast. That’s when those, who usually miss the first meal of the day on busy weekdays would also join us at the table instead of picking up a quick coffee on the way. Breakfast can be a truly culinary experience.  In this article we would like to show you our favourite breakfast places and the best breakfast options in Budapest so you are confident where to go for breakfast depending on your individual taste.

Outstanding breakfast in Budapest

Traditional Hungarian breakfast

It can vary depending on seasons or whether we fancy cold or hot breakfast. A delicious pastry with a nice artisan coffee is always a great option, but cured meets, toast, jams, cheeses, many different forms of eggs are all on the list of the locals’ favourites.

If you are staying in a hotel during your visit in Budapest, your booking usually includes breakfast. The long buffet tables offer cold and hot breakfast options, cured meets, egg dishes, sausage and salami, French toast, cheeses, jams, vegetables and fruits, but a good  selection of breads and pastries, crispy croissants is also a must. Oatmeal, yoghurts and muesli, naturally with seeds, dried fruits and gluten-free and lactose-free products represent a healthy breakfast. Breakfast must also include juices, teas and coffee, whilst in some places you can even enjoy unlimited champaign during breakfast.

Such an abundant breakfast buffet usually makes us return to the buffet several times so we could stay filled up until the end of the day till dinner time, which is also available in a classic hotel half-board service.

Buffet breakfast

It may happen that your hotel room does not include breakfast automatically though, in which case you are entrusted with where and how you would like to have breakfast. The good news is that Budapest is full of great options from top restaurants to individual craft bakeries. Here is the list of our top breakfast tips:

  •  A la carte breakfast on the Danube: Like all Danubius hotels, Danubius Hotel Helia also offers an a la carte breakfast, not only for hotel guests but also for visitors who are not staying in the hotel. On the terrace of Episode restaurant, if the weather allows us we can have our royal breakfast in a cozy environment. We can not even complain in cooler weather, as the hotel offers a recently refurbished restaurant with an eye-catching interior and ultramodern buffet. We may spend hours and hours eating and chatting, experiencing every bit of this culinary experience.Danubius Hotel Helia Episode Restaurant
  • The Legendary Hilton Breakfast: There is the day, when we want to celebrate breakfast in the Buda Castle. In this case, the best thing we can do is walk into Hilton Budapest’s wonderful LÁNG Bistro & Grill restaurant, taking up the huge window that opens to Fishermen’s Bastion and just enjoy the moment. You can choose from a rich breakfast buffet with unlimited champagne or continental breakfast, but if you only want to have a delicious omelette or fruit salad from the menu you will also have the opportunity to do so. As a sweet pampering, French toast, emperor dumplings or pancakes are waiting for you to start your day in a beautiful way.Hilton Budapest LÁNG Bistro&Grill
    Hilton Budapest LÁNG Bistro&Grill
  • Morning at Cafe Astoria: the atmosphere of Budapest, Vienna, Paris and London can be recalled in the breakfast menu of Cafe Astoria. Hungarian delicacies of Budapest (salami, sausage, boiled eggs, fresh vegetables, homemade bread), Vienna’s crisp white sausage with fresh buns and mustard, horseradish, Parisian cinnamon – bread with honey, fresh fruits and London’s barbecue sausage, chilli beans, fried eggs unite in the breakfast offer accompanied by delicious breakfast drinks, of course.Danubius Hotel Astoria Cafe Astoria Restaurant
  • Breakfast at the Market Hall: The Fővám Square Market Hall, built in the late 1800s, is not only a breakfast place in Budapest, but also a cultural experience. It is a beautiful architectural monument and an exciting, busy, huge marketplace where you can spend some hours curiously contemplating, while tasting delicious delicacies such as lángos, grilled sausages, chimney cake, croissants or home-made strudel, cheeses, scones.The Fővám Square Market Hall Budapest
  • Brinner by Zsolnay: Can you imagine anything better than an all-day breakfast? Brinner, a.k.a breakfast for dinner, offers a themed variation of coloured ingredients any time of the day, besides omelettes, snacks, salads and sandwich creations are also available. Zsolnay Café’s atmosphere speaks for itself, offering a peaceful experience in the bustle of the Grand After finishing the gorgeous brinner, it is so easy to get tempted by a slice of delicious Zsolnay cake, too…Zsolnay Café
  • Fast-food breakfasts: If you trust the well-known global chains, you might want to try McDonalds or Starbucks, where you can enjoy a tasty sandwich or coffee. If you are looking for a truly Hungarian experience, you can choose from a selection of pastry, sandwiches or a cocoa-cinnamon-pizza swirl that is already a classic breakfast from Lipot Bakery.

Walking down the streets of Budapest, you will come across small craft bakeries, cozy cafés and health-conscious breakfast buffets any time. If you fancy something truly unique you can always check out the best restaurants in Budapest, too. It is worth experimenting, discovering new flavours and playful takes on the classical breakfast. Budapest is a Culinary Heaven, so keep you mind and heart open and get ready for a truly heavenly experience wherever you choose to eat.


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