Hello, Yellow! – Modern Common Areas and a New Bistro at Danubius Hotel Helia

Everyone knows and feels that yellow is the colour of sunshine. Because it brings good cheer, yellow is associated with things like joy and well-being.  At Danubius Hotel Helia, it is precisely this effect we hope to achieve with our freshly renovated common areas and, on the site of the former coffee shop, our new Yellow Bistro & Bar. Pop into our resplendent new yellow lobby and see for yourself! 

Renovated common areas

The interior of the new lobby is marked by a combination of dynamism and elegance, the vision of our Spanish designer who, while respecting the building’s original character, strove to incorporate elements of contemporary design, as well.  With its comfortably partitioned great area and expertly developed “Ágora concept”, the new layout enables communal functions and bistro-style hospitality services to be housed in a single space.

With a choice of lounges in different styles, every visitor is sure to find a personal favourite.  The Piano Lounge with its cosy fireplace and live piano music is a perfect spot for pleasant conversation.  The area opens onto the Danube waterfront terrace, as well, for a refreshing place to spend a warm summer’s evening.  And while the quiet corners of the Atrium lounge let you immerse yourself in your favourite book, the hum and buzz of the lobby draws you right into the thick of hotel life.

The Yellow Bistro & Bar is open for business

To accommodate changes in consumer trends, the renovation process gave particular weight to considerations of gastronomy. The selection at our Yellow Bistro & Bar includes foods that are healthy and can be eaten quickly.  Available fare includes not only delicious sandwiches and pastries, but also alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, specialty coffees, and for those with a sweet tooth, our newly introduced bright Yellow Cake. Together, sports fans can root for their favourite teams in front of the bar’s large-screen projectors and afterwards, celebrate their wins with titillating snack foods.

The Bistro also offers an a la carte menu with everything from light salads to juicy steaks.  Additional choices include coconut-prawn soup, pumpkin pappardelle, Norwegian salmon fillet, and our recently re-invented cottage cheese pockets, to name just a few of the tastes Executive Chef Zoltán Tóth has guaranteed to please.  And with the design of the renovated lobby, guests can consume their refreshments from comfortable armchairs and sofas.

Danubius Hotel Helia Spa hotel’s new Yellow Bistro serves not only conference hotel guests, but also the general public, so that anyone can drop in any time for a pleasant gastronomic adventure!


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