Organising an event? Start with a Danubius Hotels virtual tour!

In the market for an event venue? Now you can take a tour more enjoyable than any you’ve experienced before. Seat yourself comfortably in your office or home workspace and grab yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea. Set aside your “business look,” your dress shoes…. You don’t even need a car. To tour 10 Budapest conference hotels, just click here and… you’re off!

Danubius Hotels now offers cutting-edge virtual tours of 10 of its Budapest hotels to aid and inspire conference planners in preparing for events. Following several years of large-scale renovations and the introduction of its danubius me: conference sub-brand, the hotel concern has just completed an online project that gives organisers a spectacular, interactive, 360-degree virtual panoramic look at the inner and outer spaces of its metropolitan hotels.

The perfect conference begins with event planning that is carefully geared toward occasion, theme, and attendance figures, a process in which the task of choosing a venue represents the greatest investment of time and patience. Danubius Hotels’ latest innovation gives event planners serious planning support, allowing them to inspect venue spaces quickly and comfortably from their own laptops or mobile devices located anywhere in the world, and see the conference facilities of the company’s Budapest hotels for themselves.


A Virtual Trek from Hotel to Hotel, Room to Room

The tour’s superior-quality panoramic photographs offer a realistic look at each hotel’s individual halls, rooms, and common areas. The virtual space it creates give planners the opportunity of assessing the advantages and disadvantages of various rooms with their own eyes, and of reviewing their actual dimensions on building blueprints. The program’s easy navigation system allows for the exploration of hotel entrance ways, lobbies, and balconies, and – not leastwise – provides a thorough look at available types of rooms. It even presents some creative decorating ideas.

The Danubius 360-degree interactive virtual tour is a well-structured, English-language application used for inspecting the concern’s 10 Budapest conference hotels. The app opens with the hotel logos displayed on an aerial photo or Google map. After each tour is complete, a simple click within the menu system returns the user to the central opening image. By selecting another hotel, the user is transported as far as from Buda to Pest, virtually, in a matter of just minutes. The tour includes panoramic images of various Budapest landmarks presented in the form of a modest pedestrian sightseeing jaunt.

Taking Event Planning to the Next Level

Just as danubius me: brand services serve to raise the standard of events held at Danubius’ Budapest hotels in a manner that meets customers’ highest needs and expectations, so the 360-degree virtual conference tour offers event planners more effective support – from inspiration to implementation – than do traditional photo galleries and personal site inspections.

With its winning new perspective, the 360-degree interactive tour offers special walk-throughs of the Danubius Hotel Helia, Danubius Hotel Gellért, Danubius Hotel Arena, Danubius Hotel Flamenco, Hilton Budapest, Radisson Blu Béke Hotel, Hotel Hungaria City Center, Hotel Budapest, Danubius Hotel Astoria City Center and Hotel Erzsébet City Center that take event planning to a new dimension.