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Danubius Conference Hotels offer you complete service packages, tailored specifically to your event.

Are you a conference and event planner? Choose a Danubius hotel for your next venue and get fantastically situated locations, modern technological solutions, and event spaces that can be varied to suit your specific needs. Our experienced team of professionals are at your disposal to take on the jobs you need them to do. We pay attention to every detail:  our hotels offer you and your guests food that is healthy, light, and typical of the given city, as well as discount deals on rooms.

What is Danubius Conference Hotels’ greatest strength? The range of choices they offer.

Select from among venues in Budapest, London, and some of Western Hungary’s most beautiful cities, including Balatonfüred, Bükfürdő and Győr.

Let the Danubius team plan your event and revel in its success!

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