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Danubius ME: meetings and events

Hello, it’s me: Your event specialist
meetings and events

Let us plan and execute your event and never worry or look for another solution again!

With several decades’ worth of experience, our staff will take on your event and ensure its success from conception to completion, thus taking the burden off your shoulders.

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The Danubius me concept lets you combine the following as needed to make your meeting, conference, or event a successful one:

Danubius Audiovisual

Danubius Audiovisual

The latest audio-visual equipment in every hotel, offering innovative, custom-tailored technical solutions and installations at a competitive price, along with the trained technical staff you need to ensure your event runs smoothly.


Good Food for Me

Good Food for Me

Our “Good Food for Me” catering selection includes a broad range of options to keep your event participants’ minds fresh and meet their individual needs. As an event planner, you can put together an assortment of dishes appropriate for those who are lactose or gluten-intolerant, require sugar-free fare, or have other special dietary requirements. At Danubius, there’s no problem we can’t solve!

Freedom of choice: “A la carte” coffee breaks, lunch menus, technology, and event spaces

“A la carte” rooms
Each of our incomparably situated conference hotels offers a variety of special rooms of different sizes for you to select and combine as needed for your event – whether in just one location, or several at a time.

“A la carte” coffee breaks and lunches
We let you, the event planner, create your own mix of coffee and lunch break food and drinks from a list we provide, or, if you have too much to do, make your life easier by having our experienced event specialists compose the menus for you.

“A la carte” technology
Choose from the latest in modern equipment and technology to suit the particular requirements of your event. Our highly trained specialists and technicians will be there to help you, remaining on continuous stand-by from start to finish. Wherever you are, the Danubius AV experts are never far away!

Fidelity bonus: Collect Me

Fidelity bonus: Collect Me

At Danubius, we want to do more than just contribute to the success of your event; we want to help you relax. That is why the CollectMe Program credits you with 1 CollectMe Point for each 5 000 HUF in room bookings brought in by your event. The program furnishes conference organisers with innumerable opportunities for relaxation and entertainment that will melt stress away.


Event Venues

Contact us by telephone, fax, or e-mail for a quote:

Danubius Head Office / Meetings & Events

Tel: (+36) 1 889 4177 

H-1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 11. 



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