Sleep-Friendly Hotel 2019: the Latest Award for the Budapest Hilton

Have you ever slept at the Hilton Budapest?  Whatever your answer, it’s worth knowing that the spectacular hotel flanking Fisherman’s Bastion now holds an official paper certifying that those who sleep there, sleep well. Earning this recognition is not due to its magnificent view, though that is certainly no small thing, but to its newly installed custom-made beds and sleep-promoting environment. For World Sleep Day 2019, the Hilton Budapest has received the SLEEP-FRIENDLY HOTEL award. Here’s our story!

Sleep-Friendly bed in Hilton Budapest

Hilton Budapest drone photo

Why a World Sleep Day?

It is commonly known that people are sleeping less and less these days and are increasingly restless when they do. Yet sleep is an essential biological process that impacts how our bodies function, with consequences that affect our mental processes and ability to work and even mark the surface of the skin. Sleep disorders disrupt our biorhythms, sever the harmony of body and soul, and erode health.

For years, World Sleep Day has been drawing attention to the importance of sleep. On this day, doctors, researchers, therapists, and civil servants from 65 different countries unite to give voice to a particular point: that sleep deprivation is an increasingly serious public health problem, and that its prevention and management should command considerably more attention.

This year, World Sleep Day was celebrated on 15 March 2019, its resonant slogan – “Sleep well, live long!” – underscoring the important prevention-oriented activities of domestic and international organisations that have lined up behind it.

World Sleep Day 2019

Sleep Tight and Pleasant Dreams in a Regal Setting!

When it comes to location, the Hilton Budapest is in an extremely fortunate position. Situated on tranquil heights above the city, the hotel provides an exclusive experience for travellers who choose to lodge there. The full-scale renovations the Hilton Budapest has conducted over the past four years have devoted considerable energy toward enhancing guests’ sleep experience. Thus, in designing the hotel’s new spaces, planners considered not only matters of aesthetics, but also criteria associated with environmental protection, technology, and ergonomics. A fundamental improvement from the point of view of restfulness, for example, was delivered by acoustic and heat insulation achieved by replacing doors and windows throughout the entire premises. Ensuring fresh air circulation, furthermore, is a newly renovated ventilation system and windows that can be manually opened and closed.

A Home Away from Home

Entering one of the rooms of this modern-classical hotel, the visitor is welcomed by a feeling of hominess mixed with the sort of elegance one expects from a historic setting. These characteristics are evident in the choices of materials and harmony of colours provided by award-winning English interior design office Goddard&Littlefair. The plush wall-to-wall carpet that covers the rooms and wood-effect tiling in the entranceways and bathrooms serve only to enhance the feeling of intimacy.

Once inside, the focus of attention is directed – beyond the breath-taking view – to the room’s central feature: its snow-white linen-covered bed. Symbolic of cleanliness, this whiteness is rendered cosier by the colourful wall-panel headboard, and by the warmth imparted by the soft textiles, the leather and velour.

Providing stability to the bedframe is a custom-manufactured wooden platform available in three different sizes throughout the hotel – the largest 200×200 cm in double rooms, the 100×200 cm in twin rooms, and an additional 150×200 cm size found in family rooms – to meet the needs of all guests.

The Secret Recipe behind the Mattress

An idea the Hilton chain has made a priority, and even expressed in terms of standards, is that adequate sleep requires the right mattress. For this reason, each room is furnished with a luxury mattress manufactured specially for the Hilton by Serta, an American company of wide recognition and use in the hotel industry.

The three key ingredients in Serta’s secret recipe:

  • Continuous Support® innerspring – custom-manufactured continuous coils that ensure adequate spine support
  • Total Edge® foam encasement that guarantees the edges of the mattress do not curl upward in time and ensures longer mattress life.
  • Head-to-Toe spiral construction that enables adequate damping of vibration from movement, providing a uniform degree of comfort over the full mattress surface.

The quilted covering, too, is made using special upholstery technology, and as an extra feature, the 30-centimetre-high mattresses are furnished with a flame-retardant outer layer. The comfort level is further enhanced by the addition to every bed of a “Super Topper” mattress pad that covers the entire surface and ensures guests sleep comfortably and quietly. During the manufacturing process, Serta pays particular attention to the use of green solutions to reduce waste production and guarantee energy is used economically. The steel used in making the springs consists of 95% recycled materials, while the wood comes from sustainably managed farms.

Pillow Fight

That eternal question: big pillow or small, soft or hard? To satisfy all its guests, the Hilton Budapest crowns its beds with custom-sized pillows, including one hard and one soft pillow per person. These are filled with an optimal mixture of down and feather, or are available in a hypoallergenic version if requested. With an eye to hygiene, the pillows are also covered in an absorbent, washable protective casing to keep them clean. Of course, a good night-time experience is a matter not only of mattress and pillow choice, but also of comforter quality. At the Hilton, we use an eiderdown equal to the size of the bed, filled with the same mix of down and feather, over exclusively white, impeccably clean, cotton-blend linens. In accordance with our commitment to the environment, linens are normally changed every three days, with daily service available on customer request.

Extra Solutions to Enhance Your Experience

In addition to the priority on beds, renovations also included the introduction of a number of novel comfort-enhancing technological solutions. One of these was the placement next to each bed of an immediately accessible light switch equipped with a smart solution for discrete bathroom lighting after dark. LED reading lamps installed in the headboard offer additional directed lighting that enables partners to sleep in peace. The curtains in the hotel’s suites are electronically controllable, allowing guests to gaze out over the city immediately upon waking. The Hilton has also replaced its traditional door-handle “Do Not Disturb” signs with an electronic solution, permitting sleepers to rest care-free. In place of the uncomfortable, bulky folding cots, the hotel has provided sofas that can be made into a bed for the room’s third occupant. And for that extra, tiny courtesy, guests can have in-room telephone service suspended whenever they wish to avoid being disturbed.

If you, too, would like to partake of the Hilton sleep experience, book now: enjoy the marvellous view, have a gourmet meal at the LÁNG Bistro & Grill, and find out for yourself what a good night’s sleep can do!


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