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Safe stay

Several Danubius Hotels are again open to guests, with strict security measures and flexible booking and cancellation options.



We will take better care of you

We will take better care of you

Increased safety and hygiene regulations called “Stay Safe”, were introduced in our hotels, which our employees have learned through training. The person in charge of our Stay Safe policy, the Safety Specialist is at your disposal should you have any questions. 

Play safe with your booking

Play safe with your booking

We know that planning ahead can be difficult nowadays, so we’re helping you more than ever to make decisions by offering flexible booking and refund terms

Stay Safe regulations

Last updated: 18 September 2020

Please note that wearing a mask in the closed public areas of our hotels is mandatory. Thank you for your understanding. Take care and stay safe.



Danubius Hotels has always been proud of creating a family atmosphere in every hotel. What is our secret? It is mutual trust that has appreciated worldwide in recent weeks and we know is the key to your rest and comfort. With decades of expertise, we are working every day to make your stay as safe as if you were at home. 

With our special hygienic efforts, we ensure the cleanliness of your home during your stay in our hotel rooms, catering units and common areas. Disinfection is provided at regular intervals. We follow international cleaning and disinfection procedures to minimize health risks. The dragons of the Bubbles Club teach children the most important things through play. 



We do our utmost to provide the high standards you are used to, despite the changed circumstances and regulations.  

Feel free to use our restaurant services, our staff is prepared to serve you at any time of the day. At our buffet tables, we help with serving, minimize the need for physical contact and provide enough space to make dining together an enjoyable experience.We have appointed a Health Security Expert in all of our hotels, so that you can ask any questions personally you may have about the protective measures introduced.  



The Covid-19 epidemic requires us to make hygiene and safety rulesYou do not have to give up anything while you are with us, but we do count on your cooperation from the moment you arrive through using any catering units and common areas. Like a good board game, the rules serve the cooperation and fun of the playersPlease take a look at the information materials made available on site. Please help us make your stay a perfectly healthy and safe one. 



Following your return home, you surely want to recall the best vacation moments for weeks or months. We would like to see that the time spent together really serves aiding relaxation and gathering experience. We have been waiting to be able to welcome you, so we have made a list in advance of the safe providers and programs that are close to our hotels. Please contact our Guest Experience Ambassador.  



Taking care of  You and your loved ones   

We have introduced stricter safety and hygiene regulations called Stay Safe with Danubius, which our employees have learned through training. 

Our Safety Specialist is at your disposal in person if you have any questions. 

Our employees are wearing appropriate protective equipment in all jobs. 

Disinfection takes place at regular intervals, in line with national and international professional guidelines. Our preferred partner is the specialized hygiene expert Diversey, we work exclusively with these professional products to guarantee proper hygiene.   

We provide high quality service in our restaurants with extended opening hours and newly introduced safety measures.  


We pay special attention to children. The dragons of the Bubbles Club teach children the most important things through play. 





You are requested to 


For your own safety and the safety of others, please carefully review the posted information materials. 

Please use regularly the hand sanitizers placed at several locations in the hotel.   

Please always wear a mask in our closed common areas.   

Although we are direct and social, we do pay attention to social distancing. Look for labels and floor stickers. 


The hotels have introduced some measures due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to protect their guests and staff. Some services may be limited or temporarily unavailable. Please find further information below.


General prevention     WHAT WE DO: 
  1. Our staff wears the appropriate protective equipment in all jobs, throughout the hotel.
  2. Frequently used surfaces are disinfected hourly.
  3. Hand sanitizer stations are located at many points in the hotel.
  4. The health condition of our employees is being constantly monitored during work.
  1. Please always wear a mask in our closed public areas. If you do not have one, please contact our staff at the reception.
  2. Please let us know if you notice any need for extra cleaning in the common areas.
  3. Please use regularly the hand sanitizers placed at several locations in the hotel.
  4. Please use regularly the hand sanitizers placed at several locations in the hotel.
Safety SpecialistWHAT WE DO:

We have appointed a Safety Specialist in each of our hotels who is aware of and follows the current official procedures for COVID-19 infections.

Please feel free to contact our Safety Specialist if you have any questions or comments regarding the protective measures.
ReceptionWHAT WE DO:
  1. If needed, we provide our guests with protective equipment, and we have placed hand sanitizer gel at the reception for all our arriving guests.
  2. Information stickers are placed on the floor to be able to keep social distancing.
  3. All arriving guests will be provided detailed information.
  4. Your key card will always be disinfected.
  1. Please always wear a mask in our common areas. 
  2. Please use the hand sanitizer.
  3. Please keep a required minimum distance of 1.5 meters.
  4. Please declare on arrival that you have not been in contact with any infected person in the last 14 days.
  5. You can also return your key card to a transparent collection box at reception.
  1. Guest rooms will be cleaned and disinfected with great care and expertise.
  2. Surfaces that are frequently touched by guests, such as handles and knobs, are disinfected with special care.
  1. Please read the information in the rooms.
  2. Please let us know if you have any extra cleaning needs in your room.
RestaurantWHAT WE DO:
  1. In our restaurant we perform disinfectant cleaning after each guest.
  2. Our waiters will be wearing masks and gloves at all times.
  3. During the main meals, we will extend the opening hours of our restaurants so that fewer guests can stay in the restaurant at the same time.
  4. Tables will be at least 2 meters apart.
  1. Please wear a mask on entering and leaving the restaurant. Only take off your mask when you are already seated at your table.
  2. Please use the hand sanitizer regularly on arrival and when having meals.
  3. Please choose from our pre-portioned dishes. 
  4. Let our staff lend a helping hand at the buffet.
  5. Please do not move the tables and chairs to keep the socially safe distance between guests.
KitchenWHAT WE DO:
  1. Our staff prepares the food served wearing a mask, gloves and a protective jacket, in accordance with the strictest hygiene standards.
  2. Suppliers will be required for proof of their actions against the coronavirus.

Please contact our Safety Specialist if you have any questions or comments about the dishes offered in the restaurant.
Public areasWHAT WE DO:
  1. Public restrooms are disinfected hourly.
  2. Hand sanitizer stations are located in public areas.
  3. The buttons and control panels of the lifts are also disinfected at regular intervals.
  1. Please always wear a mask in our public areas.
  2. Please let us know if you think there is any need for extra cleaning in our restrooms.
  3. Please use these hand sanitizers.
  4. Please allow only two guests in the lift at a time, except for those living in a household.
FitnessWHAT WE DO:

  1. The fitness room equipment is disinfected every hour.

  1. Please use the disinfectant on the equipment before and after use.
  2. Please remove the mask in the fitness room only when using the fitness equipment, while keeping the required distance.
WellnessWHAT WE DO:
  1. Our pools are thoroughly disinfected before opening them for use. 
  2. We check the purity and hygiene of the water in our pools regularly in strict compliance with the regulations. 
  1. Please wear a mask in the wellness and spa area, with the exception of the use of the pool, showers and the restroom. 
  2. Please take a shower every time before and after using the pools.
  3. Please note the information posted by the pools.
  4. Please keep the right distance while using the pool. 
Children's playground WHAT WE DO:

  1. Toys and equipment are being carefully disinfected multiple times every day.
  2. All rented toys are being desinfected after use

Please make sure to sanitise your child's hands before and after using the toys and disinfect the toys with the wipes provided when children play with them one after the other.



Information on eventuall hotel shutdowns

Due to the epidemic situation, our hotels are operated flexibly according to demand and observing epidemiological regulations. This also means that a shutdown may be ordered in each hotel, in other words open hotels may temporarily be closed and reopened. In the event if we cannot provide the confirmed reservation in the given hotel for the above reason, we undertake a placement guarantee: we ensure that you can use the given services at the confirmed price and period of time in another accommodation of the same or higher category. So, you will definitely be able to stay safe under conditions that are either equal to or are better than your booking. In such a case, we will attempt to contact you by e-mail no later than 5 days before the date of arrival and by phone - if you have provided a telephone number - also at a later date.  If the replacement accommodation offered does not meet your expectations, you may cancel your booking without any obligation to pay.


Everything will feel better

Everything will feel better

The first Balaton langos will taste better, a splash in the pool will be cooler, travelling will be more exciting than ever...



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