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Impeccable accommodation in Győr's historic city centre

Spend your holiday in a baroque environment and century-old hotel

Danubius Hotel Rába is located in Győr's Baroque city centre and welcomes visitors looking for rest and relaxation. The hotel serves as a great base for discovering the city or for leisure activities. The vibrant cultural life of the city and its historic monuments are famously located at the confluence of four rivers, which is why it's also called the “River City”. Győr lies on the Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest axis of innovation, and has excellent transportation facilities. For the reconstruction of its Baroque city centre, the city was awarded the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage. Visit the Zichy Palace, the magnificent Győr Basilica, the Bishop's Castle, Bishop's Palace and their on-site attractions, and Chapter Hill. But during your sightseeing tour you should also have some pleasant cultural and gastronomic experiences. For instance, it would be a pity to miss the special beer that's served up at the Belgian Pub and Restaurant. Sample some Trappist and Abbey fruit-flavoured, wheat, dark and light brown beers that have been brewed by masters and prepared according to centuries-old traditions. 

Danubius Hotel Rába has a pleasant atmosphere and all the modern comforts you need for a perfect break. It's ideally located in the centre of Győr, and you can take advantage of the spa and fitness services on offer (massage, sauna, gym) to revive your body and soul. Take a virtual tour of the Danubius Hotel Rába through our website and find the perfect accommodation in Győr, so that you return from your holidays energized and full of rich memories.

Deals and special offers

Leisurely Visit to Győr – Free cancellation Győr
up to 5%
Availability: all year
Danubius Hotel Rába ***
Splashy adventures in Győr - Free cancellation) Győr
End of availability: 31 May 2024
Danubius Hotel Rába ***
Adventures in Győr Győr
up to 10%
End of availability: 20 December 2024
Danubius Hotel Rába ***

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