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How to get to Budapest
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How to get to Budapest

Hotels in Budapest – how to get there

Six of our hotels in Budapest are on the Pest side of the city, four are on the Buda side, and two on Margaret Island.
All of the hotels are easily approachable by car and public transport. 

By air

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport
15 km from Budapest city centre

Debrecen International Airport
Approx. 230 km from Budapest

Hévíz-Balaton International Airport
Approx. 195 km from Budapest

By rail

Déli (Southern) Railway Station
This station on the Buda side of the city mainly serves trains departing for and arriving from the region of the country to the west of the Danube, and Hegyeshalom.

Keleti (Eastern) Railway Station

This station serves four main railway lines (Budapest–Győr–Vienna (line 1), Budapest–Hatvan–Miskolc (line 80), Budapest–Szolnok-Békéscsaba–Arad (line 120), and Budapest–Kelebia–Belgrade (line 150). It is also the terminus for most inland InterCity trains, and the biggest international railway junction in Hungary. It is located on the Pest side of the city.

Nyugati (Western) Railway Station

The second main station on the Pest side. This is where interurban trains depart for the Danube Bend and Vác on the line to Szob (line 70), and for Veresegyház (line 71). Esztergom can be reached on line 2. Cegléd, Szolnok and Szeged can be reached via line 100a (Budapest–Cegléd–Szolnok).

By coach

Népliget Bus Terminal
Long-distance coaches leave the terminus for international destinations, as well as inland destinations in the west of the country, and destinations approachable via highways 4 and 5 and the M5 motorway, and regional coaches also depart from here for Dabas and Taksony.

By car

M1 – From Hegyeshalom (Austrian border)
M3 – From Záhony (Ukrainian border)
M5 – From Röszke (Serbian border)
M7 – From Letenye (Croatian border)

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