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Why book through us?

  • Direct booking discount
    Direct booking discount

    Direct booking discount

    Book your stay directly via our website for an extra 10% discount!
    Choose one of our hotels below, and then give your email address to book straight away at special reduced prices that aren’t available anywhere else! You get an extra 10% discount, on the top of our deals too! The direct booking discount cannot, however, be combined with other coupons or percent (e.g. corporate) discounts.

  • Best price guaranteed
    Best price guaranteed

    Best price guaranteed

    Book your stay with us at the guaranteed best price!

    We offer our guests the best individual room prices available in the market. If after finalising your booking you find a better price within 24 hours for our hotel, in the same category and at the same terms, and you certify this by completing our online form, then not only will you be able to stay with us at the lower price, you’ll also get a gift of 30 euros to spend in whichever of our hotels the booking was made (e.g. as a discount off the mini bar, restaurant bill, or cost of wellness treatments).

    For the details of the Danubius Best Price Guarantee, see our General Terms of Business.

  • No need to pay in advance
    No need to pay in advance

    No need to pay in advance

    Why pay in advance if you can pay at the hotel?

    Why pay for your room in advance, when you could do that at the hotel?* Some agents make you pay for your booking in advance, but you can avoid this by booking direct with us.

    (*For our early booking deals and a few special offers, some of our hotels may request advance payment to guarantee the booking.)

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  • No booking fees
    No booking fees

    No booking fees

    We charge no booking fees whatsoever!

    We really look forward to seeing you in our hotels, and to make you feel truly welcome right from the start, we can assure you that we don’t charge any kind of booking fee or other costs in connection with the booking.

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  • Easy to deal with
    Easy to deal with

    Easy to deal with

    Direct contact with the hotel

    Avoid misunderstandings and complications! With us, you can contact the hotel of your choice directly, making it straightforward and simple to discuss anything related to your stay. If you’d like to change your booking, or if you have any special requests or questions, we’re here to provide you with a quick and flexible service.

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  • Choose from the full range of options
    Choose from the full range of options

    Choose from the full range of options

    All the room types are available through us.

    Certain agents only offer a reduced selection of room types at the hotels of the Danubius Hotels Group. On our website, however, you can book any type of room in any of our hotels, and at favourable terms too!

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  • Special deals
    Special deals

    Special deals

    You’ll find loads of special deals on our website.

    Do you want an affordable family holiday? Maybe you’re looking for a promotional offer for the long weekend? Would you be glad to find a special offer for the festive season? When you start to book a room on our website, you’re guaranteed to find and be able to take advantage of all the discounts we offer. Don’t miss out on our promotional offers, special package deals and price discounts! Take advantage of the favourable opportunities offered by the Danubius Hotels Group.

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  • All the extras
    All the extras

    All the extras

    More extras can be booked through us.

    If you’d like to make use of additional services when you book a room, you’ll be certain to find the widest possible range of these on our website – from parking, breakfast, half-board catering, wellness treatments plus many other options.

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  • We reward your loyalty
    We reward your loyalty

    We reward your loyalty

    Join our loyalty programme

    If you’re satisfied with our services, plan your next holiday with Danubius Hotels too.
    Don’t forget: under our loyalty programme, every time you stay with us you can collect points, which are redeemable later for hotel accommodation, eating in our restaurants, or even wellness services. Indeed, our silver or gold card-holding regular guests can book a higher-category room for the price of a lower-category one, or may be able to stay longer or arrive earlier free of charge (depending on the hotel’s occupancy at any given time).

    Learn more about our EuroPoints programme

Deals and special offers

Budapest SuperSaver - Free cancellation Budapest
up to 15%
End of availability: 31 December 2024
Deal available in 5 hotels
Leisurely Visit to Győr – Free cancellation Győr
up to 5%
Availability: all year
Danubius Hotel Rába ***
Spring half-penny offer at Lake Balaton with boat trip - free cancellation Balatonfüred
up to 25%
Availability: 25 April 2024 - 21 June 2024
Deal available in 2 hotels
Wellness Express All Inclusive - Free cancellation Bük
up to 10%
Availability: all year
Danubius Hotel Bük ****