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Accommodation in Balatonfüred: the ideal holiday for the whole family

Have a relaxing stay at one of the most popular resorts on Lake Balaton, even for a weekend!

Balatonfüred is one of the oldest tourist destinations on the shore of the “Hungarian Sea”. The “capital” of the northern coast is famous for its carbon-acid thermal spring, marina, and limitless range of recreation activities.

Accommodation at Balatonfüred, Lake Balaton

Enjoy the smooth waves of Lake Balaton, visit the family-friendly beaches, or take a boat trip and delight in the sunset over the water. A pleasant walk is provided by the leafy Tagore promenade, named after the famous Indian writer, who planted the first tree of the alley in gratitude for his healing. Since then, many Hungarian celebrities have followed this tradition, such as Árpád Göncz, former President of Hungary, and cosmonaut Bertalan Farkas. You can visit the Jókai and Lujza Blaha villas, or the Horváth house, where Lajos Kossuth, a legend in Hungary’s history, used to stay. If you would like to take a day trip, beautiful hiking trails lead to the Lóczy cave and Jókai viewpoint.

Two Danubius Hotels – the Hotel Annabella and the all inclusive Hotel Marina – provide perfect comfort for a carefree vacation. Both are located in the centre of Balatonfüred, surrounded by green environments and each with its own beach facilities awaiting guests. Bring your family and enjoy a restful vacation. Children can choose from a variety of play and sport activities.

Deals and special offers

Spring half-penny offer at Lake Balaton with boat trip - free cancellation Balatonfüred
up to 25%
Availability: 25 April 2024 - 21 June 2024
Deal available in 2 hotels
Balaton holiday 2024 Balatonfüred
up to 15%
Availability: 21 June 2024 - 12 September 2024
Deal available in 2 hotels
Leisure stay at Lake Balaton 2024 - Free cancellation Balatonfüred
End of availability: 13 October 2024
Danubius Hotel Annabella *** Superior

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Weather in Balatonfüred

light rain
25 April 2024
broken clouds
7°C - 12°C
26 April 2024
clear sky
10°C - 16°C
27 April 2024
few clouds
12°C - 17°C