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Conference, family friendly, all inclusive, and wellness hotels offered by Danubius Hotels

Whether you are traveling for business or relaxation, the only thing you have to decide is what you really need. You are guaranteed to find it among Danubius Hotels’ offerings. The summary below will help make it easier to decide which Danubius Hotels package best suits your needs.

You can enjoy Danubius Hotel’s services with a romantic wellness holiday. Or, combine the pleasant with the beneficial and host your company event at one of the Danubius conference hotels, offering modern technology, quality catering and a helpful staff to serve your needs. In addition to the official programmes, you can choose from a variety of recreational options for your guests.

The Danubius family friendly hotels will let parents relax and children play, so the whole family can benefit from a great vacation together. Many children's activities are available for the little ones, while the parents can enjoy all the pampering wellness treatments, so everyone in the family is taken care of in the best, most enjoyable way.

The Danubius all-inclusive hotels serve one goal, which is to take all the weight off your shoulders while you and your family relax and take advantage of all the services.  There are all-inclusive Danubius hotels in Hungary, offering all-inclusive services.

Danubius wellness hotels can help you find a balance between body and soul with various relaxing treatments and massages. The goal is your regeneration, and whether you chose a quick foot massage or a full day package you will feel the benefits.

Danubius Hotels are always located in city centres to provide easy access to the local sights and attractions.