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Shops are usually open between 10:00-18:00 on weekdays and until 13:00 on Saturdays. Some supermarkets even serve their customers around the clock. Most of the shopping malls are open between 10:00-21:00 from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

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Bio/organic markets |
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Original hand-made folk articles from all regions of Hungary | Hungarica

Shopping streets

Váci utca

Váci utca (street), which connects Vörösmarty tér with Fővám tér (squares), is in the heart of the city (“Belváros”). Walking along the northern section of this bustling street, you will find jewellery stores, perfume shops, clothing stores and big brand boutique shops (Adidas, Mango, Zara, C&A, H&M, Promod, Cottonfield, Springfield, etc.). You will end up at Vörösmarty tér, where you can sip a coffee, taste one of Hungary’s traditional pastries at Gerbeaud Café, or have a drink at one of the bars. Apart from Gerbeaud House and the Stock Exchange building, this harmonious square also hosts some remarkable events: the Ferial Book Festival in June and the Christmas Fair in December. Travelling down Váci utca southwards, you will find more restaurants and fewer shops, but more well-known Hungarian products, or “hungarica”, such as Tokaji wine, Herend porcelain, Zsolnay majolica and Szeged salami, which can still be purchased at several places along the street. It is worth looking into the side streets off the main strip to find further boutiques and shops selling the finest wines. At the south end of the street, the Great Market Hall is a must-see.

Fashion Street

From Vörösmarty tér, you can easily reach the Deák tér junction by walking along "Fashion Street", a recently-renovated pedestrian street lined with elegant shops (Benetton, Max Mara, Lloyd, Mexx, Lacoste, Byblos, etc.).

Andrássy út

Andrássy Avenue, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is gradually becoming the most elegant shopping area in the city due to its history and excellence. Armani, Burberry, Marco Bicego, Gucci, Mandarina Duck, Salamander, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuitton and Ermenegildo Zegna are already present there, as well as almost all of the banks established in Hungary. In addition to several fancy cafés and restaurants (Művész, Callas, Armani Café, Abszint), visitors can take a break at Alexandra Bookstore in the Párizsi Nagyáruház (Parisian Department Store).

Market Halls

Great Market Hall

At the emblematic Great Market Hall, the largest indoor market in Budapest, you’ll find three stories of stalls selling a variety of wares. On the busy ground level, there are numerous fruit and vegetable vendors, and food stalls selling meat, dairy products, sweets, honey and wine. In the basement, there’s a supermarket, a number of fishmongers, and vendors selling game. On the upper floor, beautiful Hungarian arts and crafts are the most common fare, but you’ll find some fast food stands there as well.

Nagyvásárcsarnok/Központi Vásárcsarnok
Budapest IX. Vámház krt. 1-3.
Phone: (+36-1) 366-3300
Accessible: by trams 47 and 49

Other markets (piac)

Klauzál téri piac - 1072 Budapest, Klauzál tér 11.
Lehel téri piac - Budapest, XIII. Lehel tér
Hold utcai piac - 1054 Budapest, Hold utca 13.
Hunyadi téri piac - 1067 Budapest, Hunyadi tér 4.
Rákóczi téri piac - 1087 Rákóczi tér 7-9.

Bio/organic markets

MOM Ökopiac
1124 Budapest, Csörsz u. 18.

Organic market in Albertfalva market area
Budapest XI. Fehérvári u. 213.
Accessible by trams 47, 18, 118, 41 and buses 14, 114, 7A

Antique dealers and flea markets

For serious antique shopping, we recommend Falk Miksa utca and a section of Szent István körút (boulevard) close to the Danube, which is also home to a surprising concentration of small art galleries; around 20 shops and galleries can be found here. Váci utca boasts some particularly interesting shops that specialise in modern Hungarian folk craft and painted eggs.

If you wish to browse a flea market, take a trip to the outskirts of Pest, where you’ll find the huge market referred to as “Ecseri” by residents, or visit the market in Petőfi Csarnok (Petőfi Hall) in City Park on weekends. From tiny porcelain figurines to Art-Nouveau furniture, from old greeting cards to silver pocket watches, from communist relics to violins – there’s not much that can’t be purchased here. Bargaining is accepted and expected.

Ecseri Flea Market (Ecseri használtcikk piac)
1194 Budapest Nagykőrösi út 156.
Phone: (+361) 348-3200
Accessible from Boráros tér by bus 54

Budapest Flea Market (Budapesti Bolhapiac)

Petőfi Csarnok
1146 Budapest Zichy Mihály utca 14.
Phone: (+36) 21/380-3371; (+36) 20 9333 979


Over the past few decades, a “book district” has developed in the heart of Budapest, in the area around the National Museum and Astoria Hotel. Half a dozen antique and second hand book shops and several new bookstores line the street here, among them the Central Antiquarian Bookshop. An enormous owl over the entrance of the building indicates that you are entering the halls of erudition and literature, where you can browse a selection that ranges from centuries-old rarities to the most recent bestsellers. And the books are not only in Hungarian! About 100m from there, on Rákóczi út and Károly körút, you will find 4 enormous bookstores: Alexandra Bookhouse (Alexandra Könyvesház), Libri Book Palace (Libri Könyvpalota), Fókusz Bookstore (Fókusz Könyváruház) and Bookline, all offering a collection of foreign language books among countless works in Hungarian. In a calm side street near Astoria, a nice little English second hand bookshop awaits bibliomaniacs.

Központi Antikvárium (Central Antiquarian Bookstore)
V. Múzeum körút 13–15.
Phone: +36-1-317-3514

Múzeum Antikvárium
V. Múzeum körút 35.
Phone: +36-1-317-5023

Antiquarium Hungaricum
V. Múzeum körút 29.
Phone: +36-1-318-5857

Alexandra Könyvesház
Books, CDs, DVDs, Café, Internet, Second-hand Section, Wine
1075 Budapest, Károly körút 3/C
Phone: 1/479-7070

Libri Könyvpalota
1072 Budapest Rákóczi út 12.
Tel.: (+36)-1-267 4844

Red Bus Second Hand Bookshop
Budapest V. Semmelweis u. 14.
All accessible by the M2 (Astoria Station) and M3 (Kálvin tér Station) metro lines. 

Shopping Malls (bevásárló központ)

Allee Bevásárlóközpont
Budapest XI. Október 23. út 8-10.
Accessible: by trams 4-6, 18, 19, 56, 61

Arena Plaza
1087 Budapest, Kerepesi út 9.
Accessible: by M2 (Keleti Railway Station), trolley 77, 79, 80, or buses 178, 95

ÁRKÁD Örs vezér tere Bevásárlóközpont
1106 Budapest, Örs vezér tere 25.
Accessible: by HÉV from Gödöllő and Csömör, M2 Örs vezér tér, by M1 to Mexikói út and then by tram #3.

Duna plaza
Budapest, XIII. Váci u. 178.
Accessible: M3 (Gyöngyösi utca Station), bus 105, Gyöngyösi utca terminal, bus 120, Gyöngyösi utca, or tram 14, Gyöngyösi utca

Budapest, IX. Üllői út 201.
Accessible: by M3, trams #42,50,52, buses #54, 66, 99, 123, 154, 194 Határ út

Mammut 1-2
1024 Budapest, Lövőház utca 2-6. (Széna tér)
Accessible: by M2 Moszka tér; by tram 4/6 Széna tér

MOM Park
1123 Budapest, Alkotás u. 53.
Accessible: M2 Déli pályaudvar, then by trams #61 and 59, buses #139, 112, 105, 102, 8 and 4

Pólus Center
Budapest, XV. Szentmihályi út 131.
Accessible: buses #73, 173, 130; Pólus bus from Keleti pályaudvar

West End City Center
1062 Budapest, Váci út 1-3. (next to Nyugati pályaudvar)
Accessible: by M3- Nuygati pályaudvar, tram #4/6

MAXCity Lakberendezési Bevásárlóközpont (interior design)

Folk art and antiquities

Folk Art Craft House
Budapest V. Régiposta utca 12. (corner of Váci utca and Régiposta utca)
Phone: +36-1-318-5143

Original hand-made folk articles from all regions of Hungary

Folkart Centrum
Budapest V. Váci utca 58. (at Sörház utca)
Phone: +36-1-318-5840

Millennium Antiques
V. Váci utca 67.
Phone: +36-1-318-1478

Zsolnay and Herend cheramics, chandeliers, table lamps, clocks


Herend Brand Store (“Belvedere”)
Budapest VI. Andrássy út 16.
Accessible: M1 (Bajcsy Zsilinszky út Station)
Phone: +36 1 374-0006

Hollóházi Brand Store
Budapest VII. Rákóczi út 32. (at Nyár utca)
Accessible via the M2 metro, buses 7, 73, 4, and tram 6 (Blaha Lujza tér stop)
Phone: +36-1-413-1463

Zsolnay Brand Store (“Bulvár Zsolnay”)
Budapest XIII. Pozsonyi út 11.
Accessible via trams #2, #4, and # 6 (Jászai Mari tér stop)
Phone: +36-1-340-5568

Pick Brand Store (food store)
Budapest V. Városház utca 14.
Accessible by M3 (Ferenciek tere Station)
Phone: +36-1-337-8139

Zwack Unicum – Budapest Museum and Visitors’ Centre
Budapest IX. Soroksári út 26. (entrance from Dandár utca)
Accessible via tram #2 (Haller utca stop)
Phone: +36-1-476-2383 

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