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Danubius Gift Card

Freedom of choice


A Danubius Gift Card means freedom for you when purchasing, and freedom for the gift recipient when using it. The gift recipient can use the Danubius Gift Card, credited to the amount you desire, within one year from date of purchase at Danubius Hotels and Ensana Hotels in Hungary multiple times up to the card's face value.

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How to purchase and use the Gift Card

Purchasing a Gift Card

The Danubius Gift Card is available for purchase at our Danubius Hotels in Hungary. It is a numbered, non-nominative and transferable plastic card with a magnetic strip.

The Gift Card can be credited to any amount (min. 5000 HUF) without an upper limit.
The purchased Gift Card can be directly used or is optionally transferable, however it cannot be recredited.

If you are a Danubius EuroPoints member, the points shall be credited after the purchase by the Hotel or by the Customer Service.

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Using the Gift Card

The Gift Card can only be used by presenting the card, multiple times up to its value within one year of purchase.

In the Accepting hotels the Gift Card can be used for the hotels’ own services up to the value on the card.
•    present the Gift Card indicating the amount to be used when paying,
•    the amount paid is deducted from the balance on the Gift Card,
•    if the balance on the Gift Card does not cover the cost of the service to be purchased, the difference shall be paid with another method (cash, bank card).

You can access the balance and expiry date of the Gift Card anytime through the website, at the Accepting hotels or through the Customer Service of Danubius on +36 1 888-8200 (from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm).

Danubius EuroPoints points cannot be earned by using the Gift Card.

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Complaints procedure associated with the Gift Card

Any complaints procedure in connection with the Gift Card is subject to the presentation of the slip received on purchase; therefore, we kindly ask to keep the slip until the expiry date of the Gift Card.

We can accept no financial responsibility for any stolen or lost cards. In the case of the Gift Card being stolen or lost, Danubius Zrt is not able to transfer or reimburse the remaining balance on the card.

If the Gift Card is physically damaged after purchasing it, a replacement card can be requested on presentation of the damaged card and the slip at the same time. The fee for replacing the card is 1000 HUF/card, which shall be settled as agreed with the Danubius Customer Centre.



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Danubius Gift Cards are available for purchase in these three versions at Reception Desks in Danubius Hotels in Hungary.

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