Hotel in Sárvár, Sárvár Hotel

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    Close-to-nature relaxation, spiced with adventure.

    Hotels in Sárvár’s beautiful green environment

    Discover the Royal Park, take a dip in thermal water and immerse yourself in the world of Renaissance history!

    This small Western Hungarian town attracts all those who would like to relax with its charming environment. Sárvár Arboretum is a well-known place, where tourists can enjoy the rich fauna and flora. Peace and tranquility are spread by the hundred-year-old oaks, black pines, Japanese acacias, magnolias and rhododendrons. Hotel Sárvár is awaiting guests in this idyllic green scene.

    Thermal bath lovers can enjoy the town’s special health waters in a harmonious environment. The thermal water is known not only for healing musculoskeletal disorders but also for making skin smooth and silky. After the spa treatment, take a tour of the medieval Nádasdy Castle and Museum, where one of richest collections in the region will transport you to the era of 16th century humanism.

    Located in the heart of the town, Danubius Health Spa Resort Sárvár offers various wellness and beauty revitalization programs for its guests. The exercise programs, detox, beauty and relaxation treatments support our guests’ health. The hotel in Sárvár offers excellent culinary services even for paleo dieters. Relaxation and revitalization all in one place, where nature embraces you!