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Danubius Cares for Energy


Energy-efficient lighting, the optimal setting of room temperatures, energy from renewable sources, efficient heating and cooling systems, and environmentally conscious operating culture reduce the amount of energy used and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted directly or indirectly.

  • Power outlets and lights in rooms are controlled by key card
  • Automatic lightning installed in corridors, staircases
  • Energy-efficient light sources installed (LED lights)
  • Energy-efficient machinery (fridges, dishwasher, washing machine)
  • Individual climate control in rooms (non-occupied rooms not heated or cooled)
  • Using the newest technology in insulation during renovations 
  • Machinery not in use is turned off in service areas
  • Electric charging stations for cars in several of our hotels

We also participate in worldwide happenings to draw attention to the importance of environmental protection and energy conservation and actively take part in it – many of our hotels regularly participate in the Earth Hour movement organized by WWF. 

In addition to the mentioned actions and procedures Danubius Hotels measures and evaluates its emission and energy consumption and will continue to strive to implement the latest environmental protection programs as soon as possible in order to look after our Earth and community.


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